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    Could a commoners "people's religion" have spread throughout Ancient Rome prior to Christianity?

    I've always been a fan of a not so hostile takeover of the Roman faith by the various mystery cults - after all, Jupiter/Zeus got where he was by dethroning his predecessor. Maybe, during the Crisis of the Third Century, a charismatic outcast (a former slave, or a woman) pops up, claiming that...
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    A Guide, Resource, and Repository of Could-have-been Ideologies for your Alternate History

    I found something interesting - an ideology wholly centered on decentralization, whose ideal end point would be a world of microstates small enough to be ruled by direct democracy, but federated into bigger entities drawn on ethnic, geographical, religious, etc. grounds - it was conceived as...
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    Questions about late Iron Age tribal assemblies

    I can't think of any, but Norse assemblies were recorded, and they were probably quite similar to proto-Germanic ones.
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    When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    Fuck, Judith's been through some heavy shit - and everything about her life you sketched out here, up to and including dating people with a questionable moral compass, is scarily realistic, for an abuse victim. No fucking wonder she went goth. :P
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    Nietzsche converts to Islam

    The relationship between the West, Israel, and the Muslim countries of the Middle East would become even more... peculiar. You've got a country founded as a direct consequence of the Holocaust, on land inhabited by a people whose faith became associated with Nazism; Israel's government would be...
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    When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    Wait, wasn't Osiris resurrected through a blowjob? Kinda risky to include in a musical for all ages. :P
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    Miscellaneous <1900 (Alternate) History Thread

    A thought I had: if Jainism were far more prevalent IRL, and/or there were enough Jains somewhere in the world for a Jain-majority polity to arise (doesn't need to be in India, some place inhabited by diaspora Indians can count, too). And, if this polity were somewhat serious about its roots...
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    Plausibility Check: some or all PIIGS countries leaving the Eurozone in worse Euro crisis

    It'd be interesting if, after the old currencies come back, they eventually become pegged to each other in a new Latin Monetary Union; and if North Africa were more democratic and stable, you could see the birth of a new supranational, pan-Mediterranean union including the likes of Libya and...
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    Nietzsche converts to Islam

    Not just that; given a certain political movement's appropriation of Nietzsche, the IRL ties between a segment of the Nazi leadership and a segment of the Islamic leadership might be more strong and widespread here; I can't see Nazi Germany actively promote Islam inside its borders, but they...
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    Crusader Kings III

    With the new Rite tenet you keep your old religious head, but without the Armed Pilgrimages tenet, IDK if you can still crusade.
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    Save an extinct ethnic group

    Kinda like this: That said, even if they'd been left alone, their skin tone would've gotten lighter - especially if they ended up migrating to the far north of the continent. It'd be trippy, if they got stuck in some freezing cold places (the Faroes and Iceland, for example) and became even...
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    Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread

    Now that's ambitious.
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    Crusader Kings III

    I wonder, if you're Catholic, and create another faith as a Catholic rite, can you still take part in crusades if the Pope calls one?
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    Save an extinct ethnic group

    According to the latest findings, the Etruscans shared a lot of DNA with their Italic neighbours, but their culture (and language, most likely) descended from that of the indigenous Villanovan culture; more or less, in Etruria, the Indo-Europeans went native, probably due to how developed the...
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    Where Does OTL Rank For Native Americans?

    It depends on what Native Americans you're talking about but, on average, OTL is one of the worst possible outcomes for them; things could've been much better, with PODs as far back as them not hunting whole useful species to extinction (arguably, Aboriginal Australians fell into this trap as...