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    After generalplan ost

    Regarding longevity of the Nazi regime there are a few questions I would like to add for consideration, and apologies if I'm repeating what others have said or asked. A) how does the German population react to Hitler leading successful consecutive conquests of Poland, Denmark, Norway...
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    AHC: Surviving Hellenistic State with Least Historical Impact

    Like others have said islands are preferable in the sense of isolation. The problem is you want an island that is big enough to sustain a population for Greek culture to survive and not be replaced - and you don't want it to be strategically important islands like Sicily. I'd say Sardinia -...
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    WWII: Total war in South America?

    Hey folks, how plausible is it for two or more independent countries during the second world war on the South American continent to be pitched against each other to the extent of necessitating a total war economy of those countries involved? I'm curious as to how it would align with the global...
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    AHC: Social Conservatism associated with Economic Leftism

    I suggest reading Maksim Gorky for a taste of what you envision.
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    What do you think of the possible dictators of a communist USA?

    I can see the ceremonial premier or other such title being held by Paul Robeson, an incredibly eloquent orator, popular figure due to his artistic talents and dear friend of the Soviet Union.
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    AHC: Moon Landing in 1953

    Conversely, I'd argue as devil's advocate that military spending as opposed to a civilian war-less scenario is exactly what you need - for example the big bucks and material that went into the Manhattan Project. Furthermore, the fine tuning and working out the kinks of whole squadrons and their...
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    Most interesting scenario to you.

    Each to their own in taste of alternate history interests. But for myself my intrigue here lies in Shelley's radical politics which prevented publication in the mainstream of his material for fear of blasphemy and sedition laws being incurred. His ideas very much went on to contribute to the...
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    Most interesting scenario to you.

    He means Nestor Makhno and the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine, known as the Black Army, or simply Blacks.
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    Most interesting scenario to you.

    Like I always say on these sort of threads - Percy Bysshe Shelley lives a long life and becomes a British revolutionary leader leading the Chartist movement to become a radical populist republican movement. To quote a passage from A Song to the Men of England: "The seed ye sow, another reaps...
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    What peace terms could Britain have obtained from Germany at end-1940?

    True. But nevertheless in Hitler's warped mind the British, or more precisely the English were fellow Aryans. Now, whilst his views regarding how Britain should be dealt with flipped and changed with time, the fact they were Aryans was a constant. And at this point in time Hitler wants to go...
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    Top Airplanes Never built..

    Dunno why, but I've always liked something about the design of the Douglas XB-31, a nice sleek design, strap a B-47 cockpit on it and it'd aesthetically probably be my perfect propeller driven heavy bomber.
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    AHC: East Asian majority country in the New World

    For all intents and purposes.
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    AHC: East Asian majority country in the New World

    That's a grand idea, get the Americans to take over the project in the 1880's rather than in 1904 as they did OTL and depend on ten's of thousands of Chinese indentured labourers. A few of them end up getting rich post construction in enterprise and the economy booms encouraging more Chinese...
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    Indo-roman state

    The only way I can possibly imagine a Indo-Roman state off the top of my head wouldn't be in India, but say, a city state in modern day Oman founded by Roman and Indian merchants. Or, far less likely is the Gupta Empire and Eastern Roman Empire partition Persia and a buffer state is created...
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    WI: Trotsky wins at Warsaw?

    I'd recommend reading Robert Service's biography on Stalin and read others and go for the median of views so to say, I've found it hard to get decent unbiased or less biased books on the civil war. The problem was the orders were all somewhat of a mix and often conflicting, Yegorov moved on...