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  1. The Prussia of The South - A Portuguese TL

    I undersign these two sentences. ^ ;)
  2. The Prussia of The South - A Portuguese TL

    Can't wait to see how this turns out. As for the grammar, most of the mistakes look like just autospell problems I mean, words that are completely out of place but changing a letter or two it's usually the right word. Are you using any automatic spelling correcting program?
  3. The Prussia of The South - A Portuguese TL

    I just remembered: with your PoD you can easily butterfly away the untimely, sudden and circumstantial death of the Admiral Marquis of Nisa...
  4. The Prussia of The South - A Portuguese TL

    I do not particularly like military history but the effects of a more successful military Portugal in this time-frame caught my attention. Surprise, surprise: it's been very enjoyable to read, keep it up!
  5. AHC: Portugal controls majority of Americas

    inb4: But it's about a super-"Spain" including Portugal and led by it. To get Portugal alone to outcompete Castile/Spain, as has been said, one needs to change the demographics. My favorite scenario to beef up Portugal (and...
  6. WI: No 1580 Portuguese succession crisis- Infante Duarte of Guimarães lives

    I'm personally skeptical that the Dutch would venture warring Portugal - at least to the frontal extent they did IOTL. IOTL they had nothing to lose in attacking Portugal as a part of their war with Spain. ITTL they had enough on their plate already dealing with Spain. No matter how much they...
  7. WI: Spain retains Portuguese East Indies

    You're welcome. Awkwardly the latter map doesn't include Timor, Solor, E Flores and nearby islands... which is pretty much what was left Portuguese in SE Asia after the fall of Malacca in 1641.
  8. Reunited Iberian Union

    After Spain's Glorious Revolution the Spanish crown was considered to be offered to the (former Consort) King Fernando II of Portugal. That would put his son, the then King of Portugal as direct successor of Spain. That was not looked kindly in Portugal at the time so Fernando dismissed that...
  9. Alternate Football Scores

    I second Hörnla's question. Why and how?
  10. AHC: Portuguese Andalusia

    An entirely victorious Portugal in the WCS would likely see itself culturally drowned by the Castilian population, yes. But OTL pre-war partition proposals were for Portugal to take over Galicia and Leon (and the Canaries and... Seville, too? can't remember). Anyway, ATL's expanded Portugal...
  11. AHC: Portuguese Andalusia

    Portugal achieving an incomplete victory in the War of Castilian Succession achieves precisely that. The Castilian crown may have been partitioned. Pre-war deals for partition were attempted.
  12. A Jewish Homeland in East Africa

    Hmm... Personally my skepticism about an independent Goa staying independent is mostly about the Goans. For one they had a Hindu majority and the anti-Portuguese movements (that weren't exactly unpopular even among the Christians) advocated a union with India. So there's this pro-union momentum...
  13. Spain "Absorbs" Portugal in WW2

    Nope. Who's going to be part of the 5th column? Right-wing people are loyal to the Estado Novo and the left-wing and moderate opposition couldn't look at Falangist Spain as an ally in a million years...
  14. Avis Spain timeline planning thread

    You're thinking of Manuel I...