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    Fenians, Brits, Mexicans, Canucks and Frenchies....OH, MY! An alternate American Civil War

    I predict South Carolina will be the last to rejoin. During this time period the state was majority black, so I imagine the white population will continue to do everything they can to suppress the black vote for as long as they can. The moment they don’t they lose control of the state.
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    Post WW2 USA: Is it possible for state capitalism to be more widely acceptable?

    During the Korean War Truman tried to nationalize the steel industry after workers threatened to strike for higher wages. Truman moved to nationalize them (they would keep existing management but be directed by the feds) to keep them running. The workers supported this move but the steel...
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    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes VI (Do Not Post Current Politics or Political Figures Here)

    An OTL Wikibox I made: [1] The presence of the Continental Army around White Plains in preparation for a potential assault on New York City put a temporary stop to any raids during the campaigning period of 1780. During the American Revolutionary War, following the British Occupation of NYC...
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    Victoria 3!!!

    Here are some map pics from a PDF file put on the Paradox Forums:
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    AHC: Staten Island as part of New Jersey

    Westchester would be of similar distance/travel time. If any of modern Westchester were to join the city it would've been Yonkers/Mt Vernon/Pelham voting yes to consolidation back in the 1890s. You could at most stretch it up to most of Westchester south of Downtown White Plains, anything to...
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    The Battle of White Plains: An American Revolutionary TL

    You hooked me with a TL name and POD based on my hometown. Will watch with interest.
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    WIP Map Thread

    Im in the process of making a "New York State in Crusader Kings"-esque mod in my free time(I have no real goal here). As part of defining the boundaries of NYS I ended up making wasteland provinces for each state, resulting in this:
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    Map Thread XIX

    I think this is an interesting idea. that said as someone who knows Indian states there are some issues with the names of the remaining native kingdoms. Mumbai I assume is named after the city, but is far inland away from where it is. The Maratha Confederacy owns almost no Marathi lands so...
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    A More Perfect Union: An Alternate History of the Land of the Free

    The TL author was kicked for a week.
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    Map Thread XIX

    That border seems to suggest Rockland County NY was added to NJ. That or given the border between Westchester and Putnam counties; NYC, Westchester, Rockland and Long Island are part of a state with Northern NJ.
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    Flag Thread IV

    I redesigned the flag of Westchester County, NY. The apple represents the county nickname The Golden Apple.
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    A More Perfect Union: An Alternate History of the Land of the Free

    Is this city proper or metropolitan area?
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    A More Perfect Union: An Alternate History of the Land of the Free

    As a New Yorker, I desperately await to see Monash get punished for this attack against the Empire State. I do wonder how much a certain New Yorker in the white house feels.
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    Map Thread XIX

    The internal borders look fine but the national borders on Baluchistan, Sikkim, Burma, Afghanistan, the USSR and Bhutan all look different to me.
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    A More Perfect Union: An Alternate History of the Land of the Free

    This chapter reminded me of the quote: “If I must chose between righteousness and peace, I choose righteousness.” - Theodore Roosevelt Also when reading this update I started wondering, is anything in particular happening in British India yet? Its the jewel in the British Crown, so I’m...