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    Robert A. Taft elected as President in November 1940

    It wasn't the Stock Market Crash that mad things terrible, the Banking collapse is what turned a Panic into a Depression. Hoover isn't without blame, He picked both Mellon, and his replacement, Mills, who both believed in letting the weak burn
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    Robert A. Taft elected as President in November 1940

    If you have Andrew Mellon at Treasury get hit by a Bus in 1928, there is no Great Depression, just the 'Panic of 1929' It's near forgotten now, but Mellon was about to be impeached by Congress over his (lack of) action on the worsening economy. His goal was liquidation of failing businesses...
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    To the Victor, Go the Spoils (Redux): A Plausible Central Powers Victory

    The best German postwar Fleet would be light on BBs and BCs, given how useless the were during the previous War. Keep the Mackensens, and sell/scrap the rest. Keep just the four to 'Show the Flag' while the rest being Cruisers, needed for Trade Protection. That won't alarm the British, which...
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    Robert A. Taft elected as President in November 1940

    And FDR ran against the 'socialism' that Hoover did attempt during the Presidential Campaign. The Federal Reserve actions caused the Depression, not the Crash, but Hoover's actions were not enough to reverse the economic spiral. The Fed was making things worse after 1930 in cutting the money...
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    How would the Reagan Administration React to an Iranian victory in the Iran-Iraq War

    The three countries that got the crowds chanting death each week after prayers, was the USA Israel USSR and for a short time, the UK
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    Essai en Guerre: an FFO-inspired TL

    Though without the example of Vichy, and then what happened in Vietnam, France seems to be in a far stronger position for Algeria after 1956
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    Washington Naval Treaty never happens - does naval AirPower get sidelined?

    Skua was two years newer, an eternity in aircraft development in the late '30s. The Skua was twice as heavy, with less installed power. The Grumman was 37mph faster, and 560 miles more range, with a 13,000 foot higher ceiling. Rate of climb was 1200 fpm better. The Skua had more .30 class MGs...
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    Was Tsar Nicholas II a good ruler?

    I'd say that the Germans, Austrians and even Italians did transition, but their Monarchies were ended by outsiders after a lost war. Extra points for Greek Republic reinstating their monarchy, till that was ended again by a Military Junta.
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    Was Tsar Nicholas II a good ruler?

    It was, for Europeans. Willy didn't turn millions of people to ash in specialized murder factories. It's a low, bar but he clears that one easily.
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    What would it have taken for the Schlieffen Plan to succeed?

    Mechanization is possible, as is having more RR rolling stock, locos and track workers to make sure that logistics work. Otherwise you are stuck with 1870 horse drawn mobility. Even that would have been enough if they were plans for a 'Special Forces' to grab vital bridges and that...
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    Anglo-American rapproachment post-war in a CP USA scenario?

    But taking territory within 100 miles of the Border is all that's really needed to control the productive bits of the Great White North and her 8.5M people. At minimum, would be taking over the Maritimes, NF and Labrador and then BC+Yukon for total control and isolation
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    Washington Naval Treaty never happens - does naval AirPower get sidelined?

    Iowa were better than the North Carolinas and SoDaks, and Standards were all but obsolete. The Brits wanted G3s, but couldn't afford them, even without a Treaty,and got Nelsol and Rodsol instead. But while USN going thru three BB classes, also did the same for carriers. Then as War got going...
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    AHC: “Large aviation destroyer Shokaku”

    Japanese Civil War in 1939, IJA v. IJN
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    No Prohibition/Volstead Act

    Even without national Prohibition of 18thA, a number of mostly Southern mid Atlantic and Great Plains states would be 'Dry', while other stay 'Wet'. So you would see alcohol flows that way, rather than from Canada and Caribbean.
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    1935-1945: twin-engined day fighters are in push-pull configuration

    Belly and Wing radiators already a good distance apart with many inline tractor prop setups. But with nose and rear filled with engines and piping between them, leaves little room for fuel, and wing volume will get crowded, fast, trying to fit guns, fuel and landing gear