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    Forklifts in the military 1930's

    smaller, sturdier crates strapped to pallets won't be appreciated by Stevedore/Docker/Longshoreman, but they will find away to damage them 'accidentally' to get at the contents anyway
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    A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Or the initial 'taming' of wild Enkidu by the wiles of Temple Prostitute Shamhat.
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    "What-if" British weapons of WW1 & WW2

    IJN Japanese copy of the Garand used a fixed magazine fed by stripper clip, and seemed to use their Navy rimmed round, that was very close to the .303 British
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    Remember the Texas! The United States in World War II (an alternate history)

    Monty did not believe that building entrenchments was bad for morale, unlike the crew in Malaya
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    Patton in Korea: A TL

    As Dean Wormer later pointed out, Fat, drunk and stupid was no way to go thru life, but 'Tailgunner Joe' got pretty far
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    America Be Watching With The Popcorn: A Sino-Soviet War TL

    With fusion devices, the extra jacket would be U-238 for extra yield, and dirtier, than say a jacket of lead, that was 'clean' as then more of the bombs yield came from the fusion secondary than the primary fission 'sparkplug'
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    What if Hitler had served in Imperial German Air force and not the Army

    War didn't seem to directly effect him on that belief, that was after the war was lost seems to be the big influence. I mean it was always there, honestly as it was in many in that era. But none had the end plan in mind like he worked up, on his own.
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    A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    _Darkman_ with better budget. Look at the end with skyscraper fight for what could be done on the cheap
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    Was Britain Right to Enter WWI?

    You know what the Serbs had been doing to the Albanians, yes? And that's in addition to the 1903 coup, and later with FF. They had been behaving badly for a long time.
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    Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    The larger problem is engine wear, as many of the early vehicles didn't have the desert pre-filter to prevent the standard oil bath air cleaners from letting that fine grit into the intakes. It's hard pack for the main road, that would be called a trail anywhere else. MPGs would be good at...
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    Was Britain Right to Enter WWI?

    Vs the Terroristic Serbia expanding, from two previous Wars in the area?
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    Was Britain Right to Enter WWI?

    Soon changed to full, against both Austria and Germany. Tsar only had limited planning options, couldn't/didn't do Full against Austria Only. Doing a Full against Germany was certain To bring in France, leading to German plan on warplans against France and Russia, with France the more dangerous...
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    Was Britain Right to Enter WWI?

    All the others were partial, and that's important, was was the issue ultimatum you brought up. After Napoleon's rampage, European Diplomats were trying to codify things a bit, to reduce wars.
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    Was Britain Right to Enter WWI?

    partial Mobilization =/= full Mobilization
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    WI: The Enterprise completes its five year mission (Star Trek survives for 5 seasons)

    Eh? I recall when in theaters, it was called 'The Motionless Picture' right from the start, as well as Klingons with bumpy heads was not liked