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  1. Why didn't the Ottoman empire attempt to expand into China?

    Why in addition to its European expansions out west why didn't the Ottomans attempt to make into incursions into China. During that period of the 15th and 16th centuries China would have actually held much more wealth.
  2. What would have been MLK's message had he lived through the 70s

    I don't think MLK jr. was long for this earth regardless of the assassination, he had the heart of a 60 year old at 39. However he certainly could have lived through the 70s. What message and impact would he had in that decade?
  3. WI Napoleon attempted to take back Canada for France?

    Did Napoleon if he could have any designs to recapture the lost territory from the French and Indian wars? Would it have been feasible for him capture British North America?
  4. AHC: A majority indigenous New Zealand

    NZ already has the highest percentage of indigenous population among western nations how could NZ have remained a majority Maori nation?
  5. Best chance for a Canadian "Hawaii"?

    If this arrangement were made in the late 19th century it would have still made more sense and been more feasible to get large amounts of food shipments to Hawaii from Vancouver than from either NZ and/or Samoa, which are relatively small/isolated regions themselves especially at that point in...
  6. Best chance for a Canadian "Hawaii"?

    Not sure why you must base things on where the capital is located? Canada is a physically massive country if everything were based on where Ottawa is located you can argue British Columbia has no place being in Canada due to how far it is from the capital. Canada even its far flung regions are...
  7. Best chance for a Canadian "Hawaii"?

    Still not sure where you are going with this? Vancouver is about the same distance from Hawaii as NZ is from Samoa. Hawaii is quite some distance further from NZ, not to mention it shares the same hemisphere with Canada. Between administration from Austrlasia or North America, despite being...
  8. Best chance for a Canadian "Hawaii"?

    Geographically I believe Canada is closer to Hawaii than either Australia or New Zeland.
  9. Best chance for a Canadian "Hawaii"?

    I'm referring to a topical possession that would either be a territory or province in the Canadian confederation.
  10. Which conflict had a greater lasting impact on Europe, the Napoleonic wars or WW1?

    Did the first world war leave a greater impact on Europe or did the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815) change the course of history for Europe to a greater extent?
  11. Is it odd there have been no Vietnam veteran presidents?

    There have been several WW2 veteran presidents and their have been presidents who've served going back to the revolution right to WW2 but Vietnam vet presidents. Is that not odd or unlikely?
  12. How would an American Civil War fought in the late 19th century have gone?

    If the conflict over slavery had only spilled into outright war in the 1880s or 1890s how would have that conflict gone? Tactics? Weaponry? Length?
  13. If George Washington had visited England in his life?

    George Washington never visited England during his lifetime, I'm wondering if there would have been any difference or impact had he? Of course this would have been before the revolution.
  14. AHC: Have the Vietnam war last until the early 1980s

    The US has been in Afghanistan now for 18 years, using that time frame for Vietnam and starting from the Gulf of Tonkin incident this would be the equivalent of US forces fighting in Vietnam through 1982. How could we have seen the prolongment of that war to that time?
  15. Could Napoleon have brought back the grandeur of the Roman Empire to Europe?

    If Napoleon had held his empire together could he replicated the Roman Empire in Europe?