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    Great What-Ifs of Canadian History Pre-1900

    Lord Selkirk plan was undone by Hudson Bay officials being anti settler. Their bread and butter was in fur trade. Buy manufactured goods in Britain ship them to new world. Sell them at profit to natives and Métis fur trappers for furs. Transport the furs to Europe and sell them at a profit...
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    Great What-Ifs of Canadian History Pre-1900

    There are several major pre 1900 POD. Too many to write TL for though. Big sigh lord Selirk attempt at Red a River settlement during the 1815-1820 is successful and thousands of poor Scottish and maybe Irish settle in what is now Manitoba and North Dakota. BNA keeps all land north of Ohio...
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    Kongo isn't annexed by Portugal

    It’s interesting concept in which there is no Belgium Congo. Therefore the interior of Belgium Congo be divided between the British, French, Germany and Portugal. Portugal would of kept most of Belgium Congo as far inland as Angola. With the rest north going France and lands east of...
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    A Lusophone World

    To answer your question with out going into detail yes the two countries will build ties that will bind them for generations with Israel becoming stronger and bigger than iOTL. We already have a stronger Israel by the 1950s minuscule compared to iOTL but they are there. With Portuguese help, and...
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    Spain annexes and incorporates Portugal

    Have Spain fall apart and Portuguese king splits Spain with other claimant. Portugal get Galicia, Leao, half of Andalusia plus Rio de la plata and half of canaries. Plus Spanish Africa. they can keep the rest.
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    Se Deus quiser, há-de brilhar! - Uma História do Império Português (Updated 01/21)

    Portugal could either get some border regions is assistance to Castile or if relations with Castile are not good provide Grenada with protection in return Grenada become a vassal of Portugal. Both options are valid. Depends on author.
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    A Lusophone World

    Guinea Boke at first was ostracized from African organizations due to its alignment with the Federation. But you are right that in time it would serve as model for other “Portuguese aligned” within Africa and eventually as model for expanded Portuguese influence in the continent.
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    A Lusophone World
    Threadmarks: 1950s - World - Israel and Middle East/China & USSR

    1950 – 1959 (cont) World (cont) Israel and Middle East In 1949 Israel moved its capital to Jerusalem and held its first elections in which the Mapai party won the most seats. Its leader David Ben-Gurion was appointed Prime Minister in the 120-seat parliament, the Knesset. Hebrew and Arabic...
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    A Lusophone World

    I wanted to talk about Morocco. The idea was how would the Federation be able to keep Portuguese Morocco and Portuguese Sahara. Naturally when Morocco became independent it would of wanted the Portuguese territory back. iOTL Spain which had not invested anything in Spanish Morocco's development...
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    pre 1900 Canal Between Lake Superior and the Hudson Bay

    Plus it would open up Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota to settlement earlier.
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    pre 1900 Canal Between Lake Superior and the Hudson Bay

    Series of canals along Nelson River which links lake Winnipeg to Hudson Bay. Then several along Winnipeg River gets us to lake of woods. Now several canals linking lake of woods and Lake Superior accomplished the task. Take a billion dollars at that time and couple hundred thousand lives.
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    Wi: France Is More Open To Colonial Settlement?

    This conversation all stemmed from a comment made earlier in this thread about Britain sending or providing most number of settlers. Since I had read in several historical books about Portugal who had a much smaller population being able to provide a much larger number of settlers than Britain I...
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    A Lusophone World
    Threadmarks: 1950s - World - Guinea and De-Colonization

    1950 – 1959 (cont) World (cont) Guinea and De-Colonization In 1948 the 4th French Republic proclaimed the French Union which was France’s attempt at incorporating the French Colonies into a single country with the goal of this union was "assimilation of the overseas territories into a greater...
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    A Lusophone World
    Threadmarks: 1950s - World - Marrocos (Morocco)

    1950 – 1959 (cont) World (cont) Marrocos (Morocco) Starting in 1912 Morocco came under French and Spanish control. The French protectorate was ruled by French governor under the Moroccan Sultan’s name. To all appearances the country was governed by the Sultan. Meanwhile in the Spanish zones of...
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    A Lusophone World
    Threadmarks: 1950s - World - Suez Canal Crises

    1950 – 1959 (cont) World (cont) Suez Canal Crises In the 1950s the Middle East was dominated by four major overlapping struggles. The Soviets and US viewed for influence and control of the region (cold war). The Arabs nationalist against the two remaining imperial powers in the region (France...