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  1. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    I suspect that, in hindsight, we’ll all wish that you’d never asked that question.
  2. Dixieland: The Country of Tomorrow, Everyday (yet another Confederate TL)

    SPAIN: *confused screaming* JAPAN: *confused screaming, but in a happy way*
  3. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    "Archon, your little bioweapon may have rained on our glorious parade, but we won't let you have the satisfaction of victory. We're carrying on the fight from the one place that no longer feels the touch of Societism... SPACE!"
  4. Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)

    Just like a huge number of other nations in OTL, congrats. Yeah, they were only getting run out of town by "vigilantes" in the Deep South for looking at white women instead of being lynched. Some countries' prisoners have more rights than black Americans had in the 1950s, being better than that...
  5. Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)

    I think Mr Ellison already summed up my views on that attitude quite well. Being better than a shit sandwich is nothing to crow about.
  6. Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)

    Exaggerating for comedic effect, but the underlying sentiment remains. I'm well aware that the segment of the population I'm talking about is the smallest it's ever been at the point that article was written ITTL and that the motives and intent in the article and associated research are...
  7. Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)

    At what point did I imply I was in favour of the latter? Imploding the most self-righteous portion of Red America is a small price to pay to avoid a dystopian, segregated-immortality hellscape as far as I'm concerned. :P
  8. Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)

    The downside is that if a Red American is the first to figure out a way to "cure mortality" then a significant fraction of the population would implode under the unbearable weight of their own second-hand smugness. Which would mollify the Malthusians somewhat and ease the remaining pressure on...
  9. Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)

    Distances it from the whole "dictatorship of the proletariat" thing. Semantics and perception matter, no matter what agenda you're try to push.
  10. Reds fanfic

    Well that's fucking alarming.
  11. Reds fanfic

    No, this should probably be left here. Y'know, to remind people not to do it again.
  12. The Great Crusade (Reds! Part 3)

    What brave new world is this, where it's the Right endlessly repeating "but real communism hasn't been tried yet"?
  13. Reds fanfic

    Good answer. Rhetorical question, but good answer nevertheless :D
  14. Reds fanfic

    What has science done?!
  15. AH Vignette: Caught in a Webb

    I actually feel a bit sick having read this. Bloody well done, but please don't do it again.