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  1. WI: Gunpowder invented in Athens during the Golden Age of Classical Greece

    The Greek Fire was some sort of flammable liquid (naphta or something, we don't know for sure).
  2. Why do some believe the Ottomans are a continuation of the Roman Empire?

    Probably because Latin Emperors' title to be the Emperor of Rhomania was always contested, and their empire was too quickly reduced to irrelevancy. Had they managed to rule over larger area while being widely accepted as emperors at least for quite a while, they would probably have a better...
  3. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    Seems that they used the modern day map as a base and forgot to delete Caribbean countries at a certain point. I'm not sure what was going on with "Africa", though. This would certainly make an entertaining AH about a Bhutanese conquest dynasty.
  4. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    See also the Laos wank in the same 1492 map and Koguryo wank in 1 BC map. Clearly mistakes in border definition or something.
  5. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    Gaze at the goings-on in the timeline and despair. In fact, I'm surprised these mappers got anything right at all, given the evident sloppiness and coding errors.
  6. No Commies,Marx is Assasinated in 1800's

    Hershel/Heinrich Marx, Karl's father, converted to Protestantism. Sure, this still would make Karl an ethnic Jew (although the ethnic aspects of Judaism, while always present, weren't as pronounced then as they are now is some places), but Karl himself never complained about being persecuted by...
  7. American southern states don’t make ‘clunk’ move of Civil War?

    Whatever Vladivostok is, it's certainly not "Western Siberia"!
  8. Challenge: Landlock your country

    You can landlock an island by having an external entity conquer the coast, but fail to penetrate inland, creating a 17-18th century Sri-Lanka like situation (where, afaik, the Kingdom of Kandy controlled the inland, and Euro colonizers controlled the coasts). Later, the coastal part may declare...
  9. Native American Survival Chances

    I agree that "no true Christian" thing is useless to anything else but intra-Christian polemic. There is no such things as a consistent "purely Biblical" sense of Christianity, since the Bible is a whole library of many books written by different authors, and in any case, no text save...
  10. AHC: Invert the reputation of Snakes and Rabbits

    Seems to be an anonymous British nursery rhyme.
  11. AHC: Invert the reputation of Snakes and Rabbits

    The rabbit has a charming face, Its private life is a disgrace. I really dare not name to you The awful thing that rabbits do. Things that your paper never prints - You only mention them in hints. They have such lost, degraded souls No wonder they inhabit holes: When such depravity is...
  12. A less chauvinism, racist and homophobic world

    It's actually quite strange how female rulers, even when powerful and respected, have a weak effect on sexism in society - can we really say that lands under the "Salic Law of Succession" were notably more sexist than lands where women could rule in their own right? And powerful, respected...
  13. A less chauvinism, racist and homophobic world

    People are somewhat more hostile to the OP's idea (possibly because of the "this thread is necessary" claims) than it's is warranted, IMO. It's certainly possible to imagine a timeline with a more chauvinistic, racist and homophobic world in alternate 2018, why won't it be possible to imagine...
  14. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    At first, I thought it's a badly done alternate history map... but it looks more like someone took political borders of different centuries and did a random mix of them.
  15. Unification of the Byzantine successor states

    Andronicus III did reconquer Epirus before dying prematurely, which kicked in the destructive civil war which basically ended ERE as a viable state at all.