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  1. Proposed Ideas in history too unrealistic to work

    What about: Or the various proposals to turn the Sahara into rainforest?
  2. How much did IJA vs. IJN rivalry hurt the Japanese war effort?

    Obviously...the question is whether a more cohesive inter-service relationship could have made the Pacific War more difficult for the Americans and if so how much.
  3. Instead of launching Gettysburg Campaign, Lee relieves Vicksburg

    What would have happened if instead of launching the Gettysburg campaign, the Confederates took a defensive stance in the Eastern theater in order to send forces to help relieve the pressure on Vicksburg? They must have seen the the pressure Grant was building on Vicksburg a mile away, couldn't...
  4. Glossary of Sealion Threads

    Doesn't seem to be a huge disparity in strength between the British home fleet and the combined European Axis navies, provided there was some way for the Italians to break out of the Mediterranean, if the Axis prioritized it.
  5. Which nation is or will be the great civilization of the southern hemisphere?

    Australia doesn't have the population, at least not now. My pick would be Brazil, based purely on potential and not reality.
  6. Glossary of Sealion Threads

    Can anyone give a breakdown of the relative fleet strength of the Royal Navy vs. the combined Kriegsmarine /Regia Marina in the European theater circa 1941?
  7. An Alternate 1984 NBA Draft

    The biggest what-if: Len Bias lives.
  8. How does WWII go down with an Allied Italy and an Axis Soviet Union?
  9. Axis abandon North Africa campaign

    If the Germans had made the Italians pull out of North Africa instead of sending Rommel to reinforce them, wold the losses in men and material have made a significant difference in the Italian campaign or Eastern Front? I was always under the impression North Africa was basically a sideshow...
  10. WI: Soviet-Japanese war... in 1940?

    What are the Japanese going to do against a country with 20,000 tanks? Did the Japanese even have a heavy tank design?
  11. Which is more likely: CSA Victory or Nazi Victory

    I'm inclined to think CSA, but it seems the Nazis did come closer in real life. Britain and the SU were both close to defeat at certain points.
  12. Glossary of Sealion Threads

    Why can't they keep buying from the Soviets?
  13. Glossary of Sealion Threads

    If the Germans delayed Barbarossa, and were really intent on invading Britain what was to stop them from consolidating gains on mainland Europe and simply outproducing the British in airpower and either bombing them into oblivion or taking command of the skies and seas that way?
  14. How does WWII go down with an Allied Italy and an Axis Soviet Union?

    If the Germans/Soviets/Axis are ruling over Europe and pressuring Franco to join, you better believe he's going to. Italy? An Axis with the Soviets would have crushed them faster than France in OTL.