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    Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    It would make a certain degree of sense. Of course at the moment the two sides have rough air parity in the Near East and the Caucasus... Infrastructure improvement was a thing the Western Allies were extremely good at. I'm having the Greeks and Turks expanding railroads, if by... different...
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    Turkish Cyprus

    IMO the government of national unity is forced to intervene militarily if fighting continues after August 16th with Turkey obviously trying to get the whole island. Even if it does not go to war in Thrace and the Aegean, at a minimum it sends reinforcements, while ordering air strikes against...
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    WI: Greco-Turkish War over the Aegean 1914 - help with TL

    As mentioned in the past, if the Greeks just don't attack the first dreadnought on its way to Turkey, which is far from certain then in fall and winter are certain to be making one more all out effort to get a ready ship. The sale of Rivadavia or Moreno or both had been stopped earlier from news...
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    Turkish Cyprus

    Phantoms and Corsairs sure. Mirage F1 doubtful, 5hey likely operate over the Aegean. Questionable... the surface fleets of both sides still had mostly FRAM and Fletcher destroyers from WW2 of questionable air defence ability. Of course the Greeks have 14 modern for the time missile boats, 56...
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    Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles
    Threadmarks: Part 97

    Trondheim, March 6th, 1942 Tirpitz, Gneisenau and their escorts sailed out. Further north at Narvik Admiral Scheer and Admiral Graf Spee were also sortieing. The previous day a Luftwaffe Do-19 had detected the ships of convoy PQ 12 as they headed from Reykjavik to Murmansk and the order to...
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    Turkish Cyprus

    Could launch an attack sure. Instant war with Greece, no way Karamanlis/Rallis do not go to war, if they want to find more than their own votes in the polls next year. Only the timing is bad for Turkey, Greece has 167 modern fighter aircraft to fewer than 80 on the Turkish side, while the...
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    Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Trying to make states, may be more accurate. Lots of requisitioned arms to make things... interesting as well. Don't see why that particular disaster would be averted TTL... Wavell had a quite better 1941 here, so avoided replacement. This in turn has left Auchinleck in place...
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    An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    I don't think my projection of a population of ~40-42 million breaks this? That puts the empire at about the level of OTL France in a world of multiple powers at this or much higher levels... I'm partial to Sicily to the extend it is ethnically Greek, at least to a large degree but that's just me.
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    Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles
    Threadmarks: Part 96

    Singapore, February 15th, 1942 The Japanese army attacking Singapore was heavily outnumbered, by more than two to one and its supply situation was at best dubious. But the British defenders had lost control of their own supply depots and water reservoirs and their morale was crumbling. A...
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    And All Nations Shall Gather To It - A Crusades TL

    That's part of Georgia? An it would be... severely inadvisable to anagonise a loyal ally?
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    Natural death dates of unnaturally deceased figures

    In Lost Monkeys I had him fall victim to a car accident, by all accounts he was driving like crazy but if e survived his mad driving he could well live into his 80s if his brothers and sisters are any indication. Which means Easily 1970 or so.
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    Larger Greek Population

    I have severe doubts. Why? First that Greece is surrounded by sea means you get boat people/Cubans fleeing to Florida on steroids. Second when communism fails in 1989-1990 it is likely followed by a massed migration wave out of Greece...
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    WI: Palmiro Togliatti killed in 1948

    If the Greek civil war is any example, Stalin would not mind providing some limited support if it means causing trouble to the west. The good question is, does the PCI start a civil war in the first place? I have my doubts but I'm hardly an expert. And if one is started then supplies from...
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    Larger Greek Population

    20 million is doable IMO. Much above that no. A Greek victory in 1919-22 is a pretty reasonable start that could bring you up to 9 million or so by 1940. Post that it depends on avoiding or at least mitigating the effects of ww2 and the Greek civil war, just the second cost about a quarter...
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    Post-BoB rationalization at Messerschmitt

    Seems to me the primary issue of Me-209 was engine availability? And even if DB603 was available how much of an improvement over Bf-109G or for that matter Bf-109K was it?