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  1. What would really happen with Hitler's grave?

    Wasn't that skull tested some years ago and notified that belonging to a woman?
  2. ww2 happens a decade earlier

    Hitler wouldn't get such chances in 1920's like he did 1930's. Furthermore Hitler probably wouldn't be that powerful as in OTL. And his cabinet would bslihgtslightly different. Even if Hitler gets power ten years earlier I doubt that he is going last many years.
  3. What would really happen with Hitler's grave?

    Which museum even would want Hitler's skull? And there would be always risk that museum would be visited by neo-nazis or they try steal his skull. And it is quiet unusual keep relatively recently dead Europeans remnants in museums anyway.
  4. AHC: best possible Roman eperors after Octavian August and Tiberius

    Probably Romans just ry keep Germans fighting each others and then try benefit about that as much as possible.
  5. What would really happen with Hitler's grave?

    If there would be Hitler's grave, it certainly would act as shrine of neo-nazis like tomb of Mussolini is shrine for Italian neo-fascists and Franco's tomb is shrine of Spanis far-right wing. Didn't Hess' grave too became some kind of shrine for neo-nazis and then it was decided that grave and...
  6. AHC: Make George W. Bush pull an LBJ, and announce he won't run in 2004.

    Probably only ways are either Bush becomes on some reason extremely unpopular by early 2004 or then get him feeling to be failed on some of his major issue and he feels being unwillingful continue as president. Perhaps something goes even worsely in Afghanistan or Iraq. Or then there is some...
  7. Can the Russian Empire survive if ww1 is years later or never happens?

    With anyPOD of after 1900 Russian Empire's chances to survive are quiet small. Nicholas II was messing too many things so some kind of revolution was going to happen sooner or latter. Either Russia will become actual constitutional monarchy or then fall to republican form but not necessarility...
  8. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    Nukes might help while but even with them Allies hardly can keep colonies forever. And with nukes you have problem that you should re-construct cities.
  9. WI: Tiberius survives

    It seems that Caligula and Claudius were only reasonable and plausible candidates. One might had been Tiberius' grandson Tiberius Gemellus whom had meaningt o be Caligula's co-emperor. But it is quiet unlikely that he could be emperor by his own rights due his youth and emperor Tiberious hardly...
  10. AHC make it hard to colonize North America

    Help natives get same level immune system as Europeans have and try find way them to establish real kingdoms with effective armies and ratherly military technology as close of 16th - 19th level as possible.
  11. WI: Tiberius survives

    Tiberius was already 77 years old which is quiet high age that time. So he wouldn't live very long anyway. And not sure if whole assassination attempt is true. Many tried taint Caligula's reputation as much as possible. So either we just delay Caligula's reign bit or someone more sane becomes...
  12. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    Them have too much of colonial proudness left that they would try that ending to miserable failure. Even in OTL Duthc tried take Indonesia and French Indochina back after they have been occupied five years. And France needed too colonial war (Indochina and Algeria) before it believed that it...
  13. Balkanized Iran after ww2?

    North-South Iran division is possible but I doubt that there would be futher balkanisation. Why Brits and Soviets would do that? And even for north-south division there probably should be different relationships between Soviet Union and the West.
  14. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    Probably might are sending some military aid to Allies but hardly more. USA would need some casus belli before it enters seriously to war. Only way I can see is Stalin invading Alaska but he is not tht stupid.
  15. The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    I am too wondiring wht USA is doing. There hasn't been anything about the country while.