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  1. 1970 Chilean election: Alessandri won

    I think maybe refer to both, Christian Left, a faction of PDC which split from the party in 1971 (with at least 8 deputies) and other progressive faction who remained, with figures like Tomic, Renán Fuentealba Bernardo Leighton, all which in OTL were more willing to try reach a understanding...
  2. 1970 Chilean election: Alessandri won

    You mean the progressive faction whom Radomiro Tomic represented? Well, actually 1976 would be the fifth time (1952, 58, 64 and 70) xD But, by that time there's almost no other names with national projection in the Socialist Party , except maybe Clodomiro Almeyda or Aniceto Rodríguez (but...
  3. 1970 Chilean election: Alessandri won

    In this What If scenario, where Alessandri won the election with first relative majority, and then the Congress confirmed his victory (thanks PDC support), what you think would happen next? I mean, Allende's Popular Unity will collapse or survives enough for 1976 election? The PDC will seek new...
  4. Eagle of the Andes V2.0

    Oh has been a while and i don't noticed that this TL was updated in november :O
  5. Eagle of the Andes V2.0

    Oh damn :(
  6. Eagle of the Andes V2.0

    You will continue the history?
  7. US Presidents (CNS)

    Well, in my TL Obama didn't participate in the 2008 primaries. So, Hillary Clinton won the nomination that year, but was defeated by Huckabee. However, in the current 2016 primaries, Obama and Hillary face each other (but Clinton has the edge).
  8. US Presidents (CNS)

    Thanks :) About Reagan's VP, I don't know if Bush had good chances for the nomination in 1977.
  9. US Presidents (CNS)

    Yep, I want to work with this list of presidents. Thanks for the VP options :) What about the presidential cabinets? specially in the cases of Reagan and Kennedy. Regards!
  10. US Presidents (CNS)

    Hi. Here is a list of US Presidents for a timeline in which i was working since a couple of years ago Ronald Reagan 1977-1985 Ted Kennedy 1985-1993 Bill Clinton 1993-2001 John McCain 2001-2009 Mike Huckabee 2009-2016 For the VPs Bob Dole 1977-1985 Michael Dukakis 1985-1993 Al Gore 1993-2001...
  11. President Ronald Reagan (1977-1985), highlights and lowlights

    Bob Dole was the Ford's running mate in OTL. In this scenario with Reagan would be the same or other people should be selected? Also, who else could join to the Reagan's cabinet? I read ideas about a mix between Ford and OTL Reagan cabinet, but I would to want know names in specific. Bush...
  12. President Ronald Reagan (1977-1985), highlights and lowlights

    What about the Panama Canal situation? And the elections in 1984 and nexts?
  13. La Larga y Oscura Noche

    Is a great TL. You will continues him?