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  • RichardWhereat

  • Europe's still got the Blasphemy laws.

    Austria: § 188 : Vilification of Religious Teachings
    Finland: In Finland, section 10 of chapter 17 of the Criminal Code relate to blasphemy.
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    justinNL 1
    But I wasn't really starting an agrument. It was just a first reaction to your comment when we (the Netherlands) just abolished them.
    RichardWhereat 1
    Fair. I was wrong to say reintroducing them, I should have said that a fair few of the countries have them, and that there is an islamic push to introduce blasphemy laws in countries that don't have them. But [teenagerputuponsigh]fiiine[/teenagerputuponsigh], if you don't want to argue, we won't.
    justinNL 2
    Oh, if that's what you were trying to say, then I actually agree with you. I was thinking in line of "moral decline" (not sure it translates well to english) which seems to be the trend here.
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