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  1. The German Century

    Have you ever heard about the train wreck that was an attempt at a TL here in which the WAllies ditch Normandy in favor of going via the East Frisian Islands? Yeah. It was bad 😁
  2. The German Century

    The West Frisian Islands are not one bit better than the East Frisian islands 😁
  3. The German Century

    Moving the goal posts, are we?
  4. The German Century

    Let‘s not get ahead of ourselves. Crossing the Rhine and the various other rivers on the way there is not going to be easy. This isn‘t OTL‘s 1945. I also fail to see how Britain alone (Market Garden was one Brit and two US abn divisions along with one Polish brigade) could manage to airdrop...
  5. The German Century

    It is not the area flooded that‘s important but the attackers would be forced to move along easily defined a es of advance where they can be targeted much easier. It also creates a series of traffic jams.
  6. The German Century

    Flooding the low areas of The Netherlands would make any war of movement a very slow slog through the mud. Do you have any idea how big the Ruhr area is? The whole of the French Army would be hard pressed to close a ring around it.
  7. The German Century

    That would be the only way possible. Cimino in his excellent "The German Way of War" gives numerous examples of Prussian/German field-grade commanders being akin to rabid dogs and exceeding the scope of their respective commanders' intent and through overzelaous attacking outpacing their support...
  8. The German Century

    That‘s exactly my thinking. ...And Prussian General Staffs do not panic 😉
  9. The German Century

    The Dutch would likely have flooded large parts of their country, thus impeding any enemy advance. Where are the Dutch and German air forces, come to think of it? I am also a bit skeptical about the somewhat disjointed German defence. They seem...underprepared. And I doubt that with a revanchist...
  10. The German Century

    A Swiss Army Knife? The Maginot line? MacGyver could do it, no question 🥳
  11. The German Century

    Fair enough. I hope to see some kind of Six-Day-War style pre-emptive attack by Germany that puts the Red French on the back foot from the beginning...
  12. The German Century

    And that won‘t happen in all likelihood because the thread is not named "The French Century" 😉 It reamins to be seen how much of the plan is ideologically motivated wishful thinking...
  13. The German Century

    As long as it is Budweiser/Budvar from the Czech Republic and not that dirty dish water from the US, you are golden. You can do a lot worse than having a Budvar on your birthday.
  14. The German Century

    Texas Lone Star Beer would like a word with you!
  15. The German Century

    There is other and way better German beer than Bavarian beer!