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  1. Trapped Fox, a WW2 TL

    Looking at the major OTL WWII events in the first half of 1941 to get some idea of where this TL may be going next - since I’m guessing Lend Lease proceeds more or less as OTL, I’m mainly left wondering if the coups in Yugoslavia and Iraq will be affected. Also, will Rudolf Hess still be...
  2. Trapped Fox, a WW2 TL

    @GroßDeutchesKaiserreich Small nitpick - Reynaud was the Prime Minister, not the President. More important point - is removing the Left’s role in government, vis a vis replacing Daladier with de Gaulle, really the smartest move for the French government at this point? Wouldn’t it make more...
  3. Could Edward IV's plans have come together?

    I just noticed - most of the proposed betrothals to Edward’s daughters were to younger boys.
  4. Could Edward IV's plans have come together?

    What were the plans for the (seven) surviving children, again?
  5. AHC: Dystopian Australia (2.0)

    Well assuming their still part of the Commonwealth, I would fully expect that WA would declare war on Japan with the rest; maybe being independent raises some coordination issues, but Perth certainly isn’t going to feel any more secure if Darwin is threatened. Now maybe, maybe, depending on how...
  6. NEW TL:The Sons in Splendor, the Golden Age of the House of York

    Oh right; there’s also Anne of York, who OTL was married to Thomas Howard by this point, but I think she’s still available TTL.
  7. AHC: Dystopian Australia (2.0)

    I like the sound of West Australia secession (as AH); for our purposes, how does it contribute to dystopia (eg less money for East Australia)? Holy crap, JBP is great for dystopian potential in general.
  8. AHC: Dystopian Australia (2.0)

    This a reference to the 1923 Melbourne Police Strike?
  9. AHC: Dystopian Australia (2.0)

    With a PoD sometime in the last century, how bad - as in how authoritarian, aggressively racist, environmentally fucked, what have you - can Australia be, either by 2020 or at any point in the 20th Century compared with the OTL counterpoint time frame? What PoD works best, in terms of derailing...
  10. NEW TL:The Sons in Splendor, the Golden Age of the House of York

    Another thing to keep in mind for the future of the TL - the English Reformation of OTL under Henry VIII wasn't really the completely top-down affair it was often portrayed as, since the religious life of England still had the after effects of the Lollard Movement a century prior. So even if the...
  11. NEW TL:The Sons in Splendor, the Golden Age of the House of York

    Any intention of butterflying Columbus’ voyages? If so, might I suggest - a different European power (say England under Edward V) opted to sail west first using the northern route, that would be a really cool plot line in its own right.
  12. Trapped Fox, a WW2 TL

    What does the French government look like at this point? (e.g. Is Reynaud still PM? Is Daladier still serving at Defence?) And is it possible Léon Blum could be brought back into government (as a minister) in the short term?
  13. Twilight of the Valkyries: A 20 July Plot TL (Redux)

    He won by 5% or less in enough states to flip the Electoral College; and it's not just Wallace that's different TTL.
  14. Twilight of the Valkyries: A 20 July Plot TL (Redux)

    It's also possible that Dewey wins the General TTL; IMHO, while 1948 gets plenty of AH attention, the Election of 1944 doesn't get nearly the notice it deserves.