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  • IntellectuallyHonestRhino

  • Thanks for the awesome insights and analysis on Iron Eagle. Even if I don't thank you every time, I still appreciate all of them. They are very informative, interesting, and a blast to read :).
  • Puget Sound

  • "If this continual DOOOOOOM and pessimism goes on, I'm going to start posting these pictures whenever it gets too damn thick and oppressive to stand any longer, and watch laughing as the DOOOOOMsters run away in horror."

    Please do this!
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    joea64 3
    I actually might. I'm not the relentlessly optimistic CaliBoy, but the level of relentless despair from some people that I keep seeing in the AmeriPol threads is really starting to piss me off.
    Puget Sound
    Puget Sound 3
    We need to clone CaliBoy and unleash them on the thread just to drown out the overly pessimistic people.
    joea64 2
    I used to have CaliBoy on ignore due to perceived unrealistic optimism, but took him off again because I need to see somebody posting something besides "Trump will never ever EVER be brought down because of his cult" and "Republicans will never ever EVER be ousted from control of government again".
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