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  • Som910

  • Glad to know that OCIC, I am the King of Prussia is gonna be revived. I really loved the story!

    Hope everything's going well in the reboot.
    There is a reboot !? Where?!?
  • Kelenas

  • Hey! Just saw in your profile that you're being active again (and might've been for a while)! Would love to see your King of Prussia story continued, if you're feeling up for it!
    historyfool 17
    As a matter of fact I am currently working on something of a reboot - the broad strokes will remain the same, but some parts could be fleshed out and the advance on Paris is imo crap. Originally wanted to start posting this weekend, but it is taking a longer than anticipated. I want the old material reworked before I post anything to get it uploaded within a few days, so we can get to the new stuff.
    Kelenas 1
    Looking forward to it, then! =)
  • Arqueiro Negro

  • I really like your story of the King of Prussia and I wanted to see if you have any plans to update it again or are on hiatus
  • Rui


  • Is he back? It says last seen: Today at 8:01 PM
    If so i really he hope he updates the King of Prussia tl
    I’ll be rereading the tl anyway!!
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