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  • Sam R.

  • Flashman goes downunder: Harold Holt, Whitlam, Juanita Nielsen, Luna Park fire, EUing NZ, Rainbow Warrior. After Malaya. Just as the antipodeans finally realign to the US. Just before the 1980s campaigns in London. (ex: Malaya WI)
  • iddt3

  • Did I just fight you in MWO? LtDanAintGotNoLegs there.
    High Plains Drifter
    Alas, no. I have a once a week D&D session on Roll20. That is the limit of my online “gaming.”
  • Averagereader3936

  • It's funny, I just read one of your stories and left a comment saying that I really enjoyed reading it and that it was to bad that it hasn't been updated for over 2 years only to see that you're most likely to start updating again.

    I can't wait.
    High Plains Drifter
    Some year I will return to any one of my several overly long in hiatus projects. Best to periodically look for any status change in those, as well as my current efforts, over under my same name at Fanfiction.Net. Cheers!
  • Megamind


  • Hello! Saw your comment on rinasoir's story and just glad to see you back here again, may I ask if you still have any intentions of continuing Sean Bean Book 3?
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    High Plains Drifter 7
    At some point (some year) I will get back to each of Sean Bean 3, A Legion for Westeros, Charles Dance Saves Westeros, High Plains Robert, and my other lingering in limbo projects. But real life (work and home) needs to calm down a whole lot more before I can muster the energy and frame of mind to return to the keyboard. Thanks for asking.
  • TracksuitMafia

  • Hello! I enjoy you’re writing and was curious if Lohgun will ever make a return?
    High Plains Drifter
    As much as I may be fooling myself, there are lapsed stories like A Legion for Westeros and The Misplaced Rifles that I periodically tell myself with a degree of enthusiasm that someday, someday I will get back to it and finish it up. Never really had that feeling for Lohgun.
    Ah well. Best of luck with the other story’s then!

    Edit: Thanks for replying also. :)
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