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  1. Christian China?

    Nestorian Christianity was somewhat popular with the Mongols and neighboring tribes around the 12th and 13th centuries... having the Mongols under Genghis Khan convert could be your best bet, though I can't imagine the Chinese being too keen on a religion being pushed by the Mongols.
  2. Christian China?

    As Russia, conquer one of the provinces of Manchuria from China, and convert it to your religion. Release it as Manchuria, and eventually it will conquer China via scripted event. After that, you will have an Orthodox Christian China as a vessel! (More seriously, have you not heard of the...
  3. Presidents who could have got a third term

    The whole impeachment thing actually made Clinton MORE popular, not less. Major sympathy from the public for what was seen as rapid, irrelevant charges by the GOP. Clinton would have had a third term in the bag if he wanted it and was constitutionally able. I'm not sure about any other...
  4. John F. Kennedy, Jr. LIVES

    Interesting TL, I like the style. Thanks for sharing.
  5. John F. Kennedy, Jr. LIVES

    What if John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Piper Saratoga did not crash into the Atlantic Ocean on July 16, 1999? How would the course of history be effected if the son of the 35th President of the United States had lived?
  6. Arab Conquest Prevented: Linguistic Consequences

    Why would Turkish replace Persian here, when Persian survived the Arab conquest OTL? I'd think Arabic would be more likely to infiltrate Iraq first, as there is a history of Semitic languages from the south replacing the dominate language of Iraq via migrations.
  7. Arab Conquest Prevented: Linguistic Consequences

    Ideal thought: Islam never forms, the Arabs are never united, The Byzantines defeat the Arabs at Yarmouk, whatever. The Arab conquest just dosnt get off the ground somehow, and Roman rule of Syria, Palestine and Egypt continues for centuries more. Lets also say that the Arabs are also unable to...
  8. 1920-Ku Klux Klan v Mafia...what happens?

    How about the Midwest? Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and Kansas city and other large midwestern cities were (and still are) hotbeds of mafia activity, all but controlled by the mafia in some cases. Meanwhile other parts of the states these cities were in had large and active branches of the KKK.
  9. More Early Italy

    Why not a New Roman Republic? It did it once, after all...
  10. More Early Italy

    I've wondered on occasion what might have happened if the Roman aristocracy had been able to establish a lasting secular government in Latium during the time of the Avignon papacy. Also a certain man of common stock, one Cola di Rienzo attempted to restore the Roman Republic during this period...
  11. Khazars Conquer the Caliphate

    While reading the infallible Wikipedia, I came across this: Which got me thinking; would a Khazar conquest of Iraq be at all possible in the 9th, 10th, or 11th centuries? (where the Khazars still around in the 11th?) And what would be the consequences of that?
  12. Map Thread V
  13. Map Thread V

    Havent made a map in a while, thought I'd give it another spin. This is Europe, sometime around the end of the 19th century.
  14. Akkadian?

    Very interesting, thanks for responding guys.
  15. Akkadian?

    Paging Leo I guess (and anyone else who might know anything about it), but I've been reading up on Ancient Mesopotamia (trying to write a paper) and was wondering when exactly Akkadian went extinct? I know it became a minority language second to Aramaic in Iraq after the establishment of the...