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  1. King Theodore's Corsica

    Honestly, I think it would be plausible for Corsica to remain independent even with an Italy forming, and could essentially be in a really excellent position to do what San Marino did - harbor fugitive Italian Nationalists in the lead up to Italian Unification, but then respect the desire of the...
  2. Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A timeline of Brooke Sarawak

    @Al-numbers After reading your response, I felt I had to reply and add my own feelings. While taking courses in undergrad, one of the most formative courses that I took was a course that covered how to write history papers, which also doubled as a state mandated class covering the history of...
  3. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    I do have to wonder if there were portions of the Muslim population of India that would voluntarily go to the Balkan Front, as the Ottomans declared Jihad.
  4. King Theodore's Corsica

  5. Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A timeline of Brooke Sarawak

    The past two updates are absolutely lovely. The feeling of being torn in two, where to fit in, you must deny part of yourself, or you must accept yourself and then deny others... I rarely feel emotional while reading these timelines, but these updates have been a great exception. The fact that...
  6. The Free Man’s Republic: A Story of Jubilation

    This is definitely going to be interesting. The settlers I think are still going to have a rough coexistence with the Xhosa; an invasion is still an invasion, after all. How it will be different from Cape Town though? I guess we'll see.
  7. The Last Hanover: The Life and Reign of Queen Charlotte

    I would vote for several split posts. I like having content to read spread throughout my work week.
  8. Simple technological improvements for the Bronze Age?

    I believe he is laughing because it very well couldn't be the BRONZE age if they are working iron.
  9. Can Zoroastrianism spread to China?

    If you are willing to count Xinjiang as China to fulfill this condition, your best bet would be any circumstance where Islam does not dominate the Middle East. Central Asia became Muslim in large part due to trade influences, and before then the area was a massive melting pot of religions...
  10. Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War

    I can just imagine the romantic paintings of Liberty and Columbia shielding Lincoln as he flees down the Potomac. I also completely see a myth starting where Lincoln makes a prophecy that he will return.
  11. King Theodore's Corsica

    I really can't offer anything like any suggestions, but I really just wanted to say that this is probably one of my favorite timelines I have seen, and this is a topic I normally have little interest in. Thank you!
  12. World Religions without Islam

    Possible, but not all too likely. Christianity, of one strain or another, was likely to take root in Arabia. If the Arabs don't burst forth and conquer everything, then they are likely to continue being a nomadic and trading people. Conversion to a new religion brought with it a lot of potential...
  13. AHC European Response in the Yugoslav Wars

    It's just not likely to happen. The European response to the conflict was extremely divided. Some countries wanted little to do with the conflict, while others were sending weapons, especially to the secessionists (of various nationalities). Whose side would Europe even intervene on...
  14. WI: No Somalian Civil War

    What if Somalia had never fallen into a civil war, due to the Barre regime not being ousted from power? The experience of foreign powers in Somalia in the debacle of the botched UN mission heavily colored the reactions of the West and especially the US to the idea of foreign intervention...
  15. WI: Northwest Ordinance set borders at the 42nd Parallel

    Evanston would be a decent spot, but it would probably end up getting merged with OTL's Roger's Park. What's now the West Ridge and Roger's Park neighborhoods used to be one separate municipality that eventually voted to join Chicago in the 1890s, IIRC. They would have access to the North Branch...