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  1. Laurens lives

    I despise Threadomancy as much as the next user so my apologies. School and life got in the way bad, I only now have started working on the revision, but I hope to reboot by the end of the summer. I realized as I was writing this my world was far more expansive and changed then I had originally...
  2. Thomas Pickney as the Second Vice President

    How do you mean codify? Senate and House procedure is voted on at the beginning of each section. Sen. Dorgan (D-SD?) recently said if you want to get rid of the filibuster then don't ratify the senate procedure rules every session, write new ones. I suppose if you meant make them consistent from...
  3. A different vice presidency

    See sig, I imagine it as the equivalent of a prime minister in my TL. It is certainly vague in the Constitution, the primary reason being no one knew what to do with it and like the Supreme Court was filled out later. It only takes someone with the vision of Marshall to assert that authority in...
  4. Laurens lives

    I think the definition of slaves as property (certainly sick by mine and contemporary western standards) is the best route to lead to compensation, sticks close the intent of the constitutional drafters, and is the least ASB method of getting to my intended end result. I wrote my senior seminar...
  5. Laurens lives

    Busted :D. I did not answer because I did not have answer to the question. :mad:. I admit I ran into a roadblock when I was trying to square the CMA (Compensated Manumission Act) with Due Process. That is how you get the adjudicated claims and hence compensation. That more speaks to Shawn's...
  6. The Airship Legacy

    Thank you it was pleasure to read
  7. Laurens lives

    @ Shawn. I like the First Federalist System but "Southern Federalism" is good too. Thanks as always for the feedback. @Libertad First let me say I appreciate your critiques, it is difficult to get good feedback around here. :). I am not saying I give good feedback, I don't, but when you ask...
  8. Laurens lives

    Thanks I am still planning on a relaunch. Any title ideas? Or content ideas?
  9. ¡Por la Patria, Viva México Fuerte! A Mexican TL

    Thank you I would appreciate a fleshing out of relations with Cuba, it will undoubtedly have an effect upon the US-Mexico and US-Latin American relationships. In particular if there are numerous strong republics on the South American continent I could see them not appreciating the incursion into...
  10. Illustrious Men - The Presidents of the United States

    Are we going to get a meaning to those numbers and letters? I assume all will be explained in time? Very cool TL idea btw.
  11. Illustrious Men - The Presidents of the United States

    very good so the POD is a surviving Lincoln?
  12. War over Oregon

    I recommend the excellent book A Country of Vast Designs by Robert Merry. It does an excellent job of laying out the British and American interests in Oregon and is worth a read on the subject. It does a good job of showing that all the talk about Oregon and war was just that, talk, granted this...
  13. American King

    Minnesota starts north of Hinckley anyway. All Minnesotans know that :p Nappy keep it going haven't seen a good Ameriwank around here in awhile. I do love the copious pictures
  14. American King

    you made my beloved Minnesota into a part of Wisconsin? SHAME :D
  15. ¡Por la Patria, Viva México Fuerte! A Mexican TL

    I think you handled Monroe's term very well. Although I am unclear as to how the American's hold on in Cuba with two rebellion's going on at the same time. I could imagine the same objections to annexation of mexico as made in 1848 would pertain to Cuba in 1819 (they very well might have been)...