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  1. AHC: Make polyamory more popular

    This is only in the fundamental LDS splinter churches (FLDS) not the mainstream LDS church. A difference of thousands (FLDS) to millions (LDS) FYI.
  2. What Should Herbert Hoover Have Done Differently?

    Can the president unilaterally go off the gold standard or lower the exchange rate, or does Congress have that power? "Nixon's shock" indicated the president does, but that seems crazy to believe early 20th century Congress gave up that power.
  3. Military Ship tonnages without WNT

    Any link to those designs? 1910's Yamato's sounds fascinating to read about.
  4. WI Better Kriegsmarine in WW2

    Why do the British have to hope it's the real deal? Are the ships only there because the RN is using a "Buy 1, get 1 free sortie" coupon? Is the Treasury sending auditors to make sure it is a real raid and not a fishing trip on HMG monies? Remember, although you do have a point of how the RN is...
  5. WI Better Kriegsmarine in WW2

    @Capt Thunderbolt are you saying (quote) "The crossing it not the weakest part of the plan, the landing is." for the British or the Germans? Because the landing is the weakest, but the crossing is pretty weak too, since the British will literally have 24-48 hours notice before the invasion even...
  6. WI Better Kriegsmarine in WW2

    Apologies, your handwaving is that the RN only has hours to attack the barges, when they will know an invasion is likely by D-1 or possibly even D-2 (that is, 1 or 2 days *before* the Germans set sail). Even motoring along at 5 knots (as an example, they would go faster) is plenty when you have...
  7. WI Better Kriegsmarine in WW2

    Reaction time is measured in days though, not hours. Getting to the beach isn't an insta-win, Germany has to land an army, resupply it, and most importantly reinforce it *then* get off the beach. You handwaved away the 24-48 hours the British would have (they can see Calais from Britain), but...
  8. WI Better Kriegsmarine in WW2

    The bolded part is useful if Sealion was a British operation invading Europe, but as the German barges are moving towards the slow (but faster than barges) British ships, near Britain, I do have to ask why you added that in. It feels more deflecting attention away from the crux of the problem...
  9. WI Better Kriegsmarine in WW2

    Edited by me since only focusing on this part. I would not expect a standoff, since the British ones have only machine guns and sailors, while the German barges have (stored for transport, mind you) various cargoes of horses, men, and supplies. Again, how many German barges are set up for...
  10. U-56 downs HMS Nelson with Churchill aboard, 31 October 1939

    No it is easy to argue with that account, as 1, Hitler never offered terms, let alone fair ones, and 2, Hitler had broken every treaty signed with the West.
  11. WI: Colonel Gersdorff successfully suicide bombs Hitler on 21 March 1943

    No, reminding voters "we fight today so your son's don't have to needlessly die in 20 years" as well as endlessly driving home the atrocities already committed (how many dead Jews and Slavs by 1943? 3-4 million?) means grim resolve to the bitter end.
  12. U-56 downs HMS Nelson with Churchill aboard, 31 October 1939

    Yes, but that is the fog of war. No UAV's under direct control of local commanders, no palantirs or wizards to guide generals to the perfect spot. Gallipoli had a few moments of that, but I haven't read "From the Jaws of Victory" by Charles Fair recently so forgot the exact debacles.
  13. U-56 downs HMS Nelson with Churchill aboard, 31 October 1939

    Generally it is best to wait 24 hours before bumping, as not everyone is American, or else is at work. Britain fights on. They have an empire still, operation Dynamo will still go ahead by the same people, the UK is in a national government, and the Labour party despises Hitler. An unequal...
  14. Bismarck makes it to France. What do the Germans do with her?

    Prince of Wales and Renown not going east is already a massive butterfly. And if Somerville's fleet doesn't go east, the Mediterranean may lean Allied quicker. Only 2 US BBs engaged the IJN, but more were deployed. And deployments can pay off.
  15. Rear Admiral Sir Horace Hood survives the Battle of Jutland

    Assuming the ship is still list, but he survived, would that cripple his promotions? Or would it be seen as just bad luck? Not a scholar, so unsure if he was reckless/ Beatty can blame him somehow as Good rushed in to help out.