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    Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Did Tatiana lose a couple of spotters on her journey?
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    WI: Iraq Occupies Saudi Arabia During Gulf War

    My guess is that Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE will swing in on the KSA side, along with the USN and whatever additional forces the US and its allies (mostly the UK RAF via Akrotiri) can lever into the region. Expect Incirlik, Diego Garcia and RAF Fairford to have a bunch of new guests in...
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    The Royal Navy has an emarassing design failure in 1937

    Prince of Wales was in the lead until a course change about half an hour before Lutjens was sighted. Not sure being ready a week earlier would have changed the sailing order at the time the engagement started. it might have led to more of the guns working in more salvoes though.
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    April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean

    ...and anything he did to contest it...?
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    April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean

    Is that a hint of puckish mischief I detect?
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    AHC: Have the F-106 Delta Dart be kept in service till the 2000s

    Have Soviet Long-Range Aviation continue past 1980 and deploy multiple regimental formations of Tu-160s, instead of just the one. And the Soviet Union continue past 1990 to operate them in an ongoing Cold War.
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    April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean

    Congratulations grandpa, may you enjoy many years of gleefully undermining parental discipline.
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    Best use of "FLeet in being" in the 20th century?

    Queen Elizabeth and Valiant in Alexandria?
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    Neil Armstrong - alternate moon landing quote

    "I have returned!" Now I'm thinking of Mac being met at Leyte by three wizened Filipino women who greet him with: "All hail to thee, MacArthur! Hero of Manila!" "All hail to thee, MacArthur! Hero of Inchon!" "All hail to thee, MacArthur, that shall be President hereafter!"
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    Soviet Nuclear Battle Moles

    Those examples of "wunderwaffe" that never got past the "scribbled on the back of a napkin" stage because they were so stupid that even the Nazis didn't try to build them.
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    Trapped Fox, a WW2 TL

    The latter, I'm afraid...
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    Trapped Fox, a WW2 TL

    I'm seeing a new purchase coming up...
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    Dread Nought but the Fury of the Seas

    It's significantly less hazardous to one's career to encourage independent action and thinking among one's captains, that it is do do so among one's admirals.
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    PC: Industrial Ireland

    Not very. At what point is there incentive for capital investment into new plant, and who will pay for it? Not saying it's impossible, but it's a consequence to some significant POD elsewhere, I reckon. What industry there is on the island is in the North - H&W, later Shorts, etc, so there's...
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    Syrian-Turkish war in the 50s/60s over the Hatay Peninsula

    In 1952, Turkey joins NATO. Syria would be inviting direct response from the US (USN 6th Fleet out of Naples had at least one carrier group, sometimes two). NATO planning specifically included defending Turkey - cf. Exercise Longstep. After Suez, Syria attacking Turkey is inviting Article 5...