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  1. Blue Skies in Camelot: An Alternate 60's and Beyond

    I've been reading the story since the beginning and would like to say that this is such a wonderful and engaging story! Thank you very much for sharing this world with us.
  2. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    This has been a very fun journey. Thank you Rattigan!
  3. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    How the UK government exercise oversight over SWF? Talk about fighting with money. This give the word Golden Cavalry of St George a whole new level of meaning.
  4. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    I visited the area before. Since it's a park area OTL, you can simply put the three branches of the federal government (Capitol, Executive Mansion, Supreme Court) there and leave the rest as park as OTL. It also has advantage that many monuments and museums can be put in the area. Good update...
  5. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    Idealistically, in my opinion, Nuclear Disarmament might be possible if circumstances are right. That said, there's nothing to stop the nuclear powers to amend the agreement or one of the powers to pull out later.
  6. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    Interesting how France is a mirror to OTL U.K. in term of economic policy. Will Paris be able to challenge The City in the future for the position of the financial center of Europe? China's invasion of Indochina must make other Asian nations remember about China's role in TTL WWII (Or even the...
  7. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    This is an interesting development with independent Kerala. I wonder what Indian nationalist TTL will think about this further break up of the subcontinent. How's South East Asia doing in TTL compare to OTL? I hope we can see more democracy flourish there more than what happened in OTL. I...
  8. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    I think that Thatcher's lasting legacy in TTL will be environmental policy and not so much economic transformation as in OTL. I wonder what the Liberal's Commonwealth policy will be since in the last post, two prominent Commonwealth countries just went and do their own things over the agreed...
  9. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    This naked imperialism by the Soviet will probably speed up the split between socialism and Soviet communism. Aside from the CIS, what other countries could be considered to be in the Soviet sphere?
  10. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    Japan please.
  11. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    I also thought at first that it was a bit early for civil partnership. But then again, the decriminalization occurred during the 1920s. From then to the 1960s, there probably were many couples living together in a kind of open secret throughout the U.K. which could help change minds and...
  12. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    I have a feeling that South Africa will try something in the future that will get them expel from the Commonwealth. It seem that the Lismore system is designed to pull countries together into groups, especially to pull bancor credits together. This might be to the benefit of the mother...
  13. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    Hi. Just want to say that I really enjoy reading this TL. It seems to me that TTL world economy will not be interconnected the same way as OTL in term of global free trade but will be make up of several interconnected trade blocs/custom unions. It'll be interesting how this will manifest when...