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  • ThunderTurtle

  • I’ve read the entirity of The Ruins timeline, finishing where the posts did before the 1948 election. I think it was fantastically done and pulled all the strings that can keep me interested in an AH. If you’re done with it I get it but I wanted to post that I loved every bit of the TL and would read anything further if you decided to return to it some day. Head-cannoning President-elect Taylor wins the runoff
  • Deaf Peregrine

  • Hello. I'm a big fan of your Ruins of an American Party System timeline. However, I don't understand how the Republicans won two seats in Georgia in 1920 when OTL, they were so rigged, every Democrat was unopposed.
  • Warer

  • Just read through the entirety of The Ruins of an American Party system book 1 in one session .

    Great story, thank you for writing it.
  • Puget Sound

    Puget Sound

  • Thanks for the support on the "Russian nationalist attempts to tar honest athletes because some of his country's team had a doping scandal" thread! :)
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