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  1. Charles Manson becomes a rock star

    He's inducted into the Hall of Fame in the presence of President Theodore 'Ted' Bundy! ;)
  2. It Is A Mystery

    Well, William II, Edward II, Richard II and Henry VI all died conveniently, without sparking more than some sceptical murmuring, so while it might be suspected that the boys had been helped on their way, no-one could be certain, and it is true that many children - even royal children - suffered...
  3. Napoleon Returns to Spain

    I'm not sure why Suchet gets such a good press. The French dilemma in Spain was that if they concentrated to face Wellington, then it gave the guerrillas free-rein, but if they dispersed to fight the guerrillas they ran the risk of being defeated in detail if the British chose to advance...
  4. How Do We Prevent The Worst Of England's Actions With Scotland, Ireland, and Wales?

    It wasn't appalling at all. If you look at the Anglo-Scottish wars, they were pretty well all caused by the Scots, and - like the Irish attacks - usually occurred when England was either engaged in a life-and-death struggle with a more powerful opponent, or having a civil war. When the Scots...
  5. Discussion: Oliver Cromwell VS Napoleon Bonaparte

    I think Cromwell is seriously underrated as a military leader, especially when you consider that he only picked up the sword when he was already in middle-age, and had no real training. He was a self-taught genius like Robert Clive. If we look at the campaign of 1651 that culminated at the...
  6. How quickly can Nazi Germany defeat The British Empire after the Fall of France?

    Just a few points. Firstly, submarines were very expensive to build - indeed, possibly the most expensive warships of all, on a ton-for-ton basis. The British could build 8-10 corvettes - or 4-5 frigates - for the price of one U-boat, so a relatively small increase in the RN's budget would...
  7. Requirements of being a general in ww2

    This is why films like 'Star Wars' are so funny. People with no training and experience - like Han Solo for instance - are just appointed as Generals, with no bad consequences!
  8. WWII: German Victory in Battle of Britain, could USSR win alone?

    The British were on the defensive, and thus had to spread their fighters over the whole country, whereas the Germans could - and did - concentrate almost all their fighters on the Channel coast. Thus, over South-East England, where the battle was won and lost, the RAF fighters were outnumbered...
  9. Dunkirk Disaster causes Spain and Soviet Union to join Axis.

    The Germans were straining every nerve to get jets into service, while the British were just dawdling along with their own programme, yet still had jets in front-line units before the Germans did. It would have been far easier for the UK to accelerate its programme than it would Germany. I'd...
  10. Most likely end date for World War I without American involvement?

    There were nearly a million British and French troops on their way back from Salonika when the war ended, plus the British had several hundred-thousand troops in Britain, so not having American troops would make little difference.
  11. WI/AHC: Improved Manchester and no Lancaster?

    The Typhoon's woes have been seriously overstated. About 28 were lost to the tail-plane breaking off, whereas a couple of hundred P51's crashed when a wing broke off - a problem that was never solved. Initially it was believed to be due to the rearming panels opening in flight, but the losses...
  12. The RAF, just that little bit better in 1940

    They certainly claimed the most, but a Polish historian who examined the claims suggested they would actually have been eighth on the list - and that's if they shot down all the German aircraft they could have shot down.
  13. NOT A SEALION THREAD (not entirely at least): Question about the Defense of the Isle of Wight

    Don't worry: Lightnings never strike in the same place twice! o_O:)
  14. Operation Torch takes Algeria but not Morocco. Vichy France declares war. What happens next?

    Unfortunately the Italian guns were also slow-firing and had serious dispersion problems which made them inferior in practical terms to the British 15" and 16" guns. Italian air-dropped torpedoes were better than the German, but were inferior to the British. The only detonators that had...