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    TL-191: The fate of Britain post-SGW

    If he hasn’t been butterflied away, maybe Charles Edward of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha becomes the new King, at German behest.
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."

    Crowder seems cool. Earl Browder in the base game is both the Communist leader and COmmunist advisor, but I could make Crowder the advisor to go with Thingmaker as the leader. Konstantin Sokolov fits better than Rasputin with the setup for Russia's fascist path in NSB, with Rasputin mostly...
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."

    Mod is updated with No Step Back compatibility, along with some new stuff for India, Germany, the UK and some other smaller stuff for other countries. Workshop link!
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    A Map Shitpost Thread

    Sometimes I think "y'know, Hoi4 mods are sometimes too railroaded when it comes to peace conferences." Then I play base game and get met with stuff like British Memel, Soviet Southern France, and the warcrimes that occur when Spain's in a peace conference.
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."

    Here's a steam release . It's still incredibly early access, but I wanted to get something out before the next DLC came out.
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."

    Nazi power struggle mechanics would be pretty interesting to do (though maybe tough to implement). Of course , there is the base-game Oppose Hitler paths which I plan to maintain. Hynkel-imposter seems like a likely lead in to a civil war as well, potentially. I think expanding the...
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."
    Threadmarks: American Portraits

    On the topic of America, we look a bit earlier, starting at 1936. Peeter J. Varney is the standard leader in 1936, occupying FDR's slot, though I'll mention that if Varney loses the 1936 election, he won't be coming back, unlike base game FDR. Varney's picture is technically a picture of his...
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."
    Threadmarks: Some French, Italian, and Japanese Portraits

    Gonna blast through what work I've done with France, Italy, and Japan in one post since all three of them are pretty barren. Couple new generals for Free France specifically, coming with the Continue the Fight focus. Also now there's a non-aligned leader by default. Italy's one thing...
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."

    Autocorrect has once again betrayed me. Hmm, could John Cabal work as a David Lloyd George counterpart? (mainly asking since DLG is a part of the King’s party in the base game). Unrelated, but perhaps Ethiopia could remain Ethiopia, but perhaps leaning into Rastafarianism a bit more for Halle...
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."
    Threadmarks: British Portraits

    Did some stuff for the British Empire now. Keeping mainly within the base game's leader slots. George Brown from Vile Bodies, aside from winning an award for most generic name, comes with Stanley Baldwin's portrait due to lack of a TV show or anything for Vile Bodies. Not much else to say -...
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."
    Threadmarks: Russia Portraits

    Lot of fun stuff here. I imagine Grindelwald and Aesir content could be shifted if one of the Scandinavian countries goes Fascist. I actually think the plot of Inglourious Basterds could be a decision or espionage mission the Allies could do against Germany, though Espionage content is DLC...
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."
    Threadmarks: Germany Portraits

    So I got a bit inspired by the thread's OP and decided to put some stuff together, mostly derived from existing assets in Hoi4 (which I'll mention at each point). Germany's starting leader is Mr. Hynkel, who has a couple traits (balance of which to be determined, although they shouldn't be...
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."

    Would South Africa include some elements of the Draka books? Definitely not owning all of Africa or being a Fascist superpower at the start, but maybe Drakaverse characters like Shrakenberg could be present, perhaps combined with South Africa owning more of Britain’s African territory too?
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    Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."

    This looks really interesting, I'd personally like to see more. There is a mod for Hoi4 that recreates Orwell's 1984. Maybe that could be referenced?
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    AHC: Joseph Goebbels defects from the Third Reich.

    In 1997, Hwang Jang-yop defected from North Korea. His role in creating Juche and prominent role in North Korea's founding led the Washington Post to compare his defection to if Goebbels had defected from Nazi Germany. So what if Goebbels did defect? How would things have to evolve in Germany...