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  1. Could the U.S. have captured the Maritimes during the War of 1812?

    Not to mention New England was opposed to the war and had a very lukewarm view of the war.
  2. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Actually a lot of the French forces that were evacuated returned to France otl as a lot of them apparently felt the war was nearly over and that the UK wouldn't keep fighting for long.
  3. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    To be fair the Soviet's used the Matilda's for training as they were better suited for it then there own tanks if I remember what I read correctly.
  4. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Most of the French soldiers returned to France OTL.
  5. Other Battleships in the 1980s?

    Not much. It cost 500 million per ship to being the lowa's back into service. they also used nearly the equivalent 2 aircraft carrier's manpower.
  6. Other Battleships in the 1980s?

    That's the point. There wasn't anything a battleship could do that something else could do cheaper.
  7. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    About Sega the Master System doesn't have a chance. Third parties won't support it because it had failed hard in Japan by now so they won't get much support there. Atari probably has the North American and European developers due to it's name and owner. The more powerful hardware didn't help it...
  8. WI: Nintendo stopped being actively hostile to third parties in the N64 era?

    I doubt it the Wonderswan would get a successor as it only sold 3.50 million units and was only released in Japan. I doubt that any company short of Sony or Microsoft could even try to complete with Nintendo at the time in the handheld market.
  9. WI: Nintendo stopped being actively hostile to third parties in the N64 era?

    The thing is that in the US the N64 didn't do to badly. I think you need someone willing to challenge the leadership at Nintendo of Japan as they made all the major decisions. As to the handheld market by 1995 the Gameboy held too big of a sales advantage and was cheap to buy. It launched at...
  10. What if USS Langley had a sister ship ?

    To be fair the Wrights already had a ship named after them. It commissioned in 1921 as a balloon tender and later was used as a seaplane-tender.
  11. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Maybe Mel Brooks can revisit his star wars parody when[if] new star wars movies come out. Actually I would have loved him making a more general parody of sci-fi kinda like his history of the world movie.
  12. Mexican War in 1865?

    Yeah. I read in a magazine that the US organized a filibuster expedition but I can't remember the details or if it was actually launched.
  13. How dangerous is an Allied invasion of Taiwan in World War 2?

    And US army planners apparently came to the conclusion that to take it would need forces from Europe.
  14. Victoria II

    Yeah. It makes the game unplayable when that happens.
  15. Without the French intervention in Mexico, Would a French conquest of Japan be possible ?

    Well in 1863-4 several Western powers bombarded artillery positions after it fired on western ships.