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    1. Jabberjay
      I know you may get this a lot and it may be annoying but what ever happened to Disaster at Leuthen?This was one of my favorite timelines and then it just stopped.If it will never start back up again that is fine but I am curious to what happened if only so its all wrapped up in my mind.Huge fan,Thanks Jabberjay
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      3. Jabberjay
        I hope I am not annoying you with all the questions.This has definitely given me some interesting I ideas for a continuation of some sort.I don't know when I would do it but would you be okay with that? anyway final questions.
        Dec 11, 2017
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      4. Jabberjay
        1.Do any collectivists survive into the 70s
        2.What happens between China and Japan
        3.Who wins the British Civil war
        4.What happens in the south does it tie in to the war against america
        Dec 11, 2017
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      5. Jabberjay
        I hope my autistic pursuit is not too annoying.
        Dec 11, 2017
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    2. Spengler
      Do you any plans of continuing Disaster?
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