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  • Ninja2006


  • Hi.

    My name is @Otakuninja2006. Nice to meet you.

    I read your TL in regards to Doctor Who, and I have to say, it's very good.

    I was actually very interested to see where the TL would go in the future, but it just stopped there.

    Is there any intention to bring it back?
    Hallo there. Glad to hear you've enjoyed the TL and I do plan to take it up to 2000 to finish it, but there's no plans to kickstart the process right this moment. Hopefully sometime in the future though.

    Whenever you do, I have some good ideas for animation..

    But other than that, it was nice meeting you.

    And from this TL, I see that you have potential.
  • Igeo654

  • Hey man. I know you're probably busy, but everyone really loved the King Arthur comic idea.
    DAv 1
    Oh, thanks. Wasn't aware it went down so well. Seemed like a good fit for the time period and leaning towards a quasi-superhero idea.
    It was in the top most voted. I'll hope you'll come back to the game with a new idea soon. ^^
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