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  1. AHC: Make Yeshiva University the Jewish Notre Dame

    Well first you'd have to make Gridiron popular in Israel.... ;):):p
  2. The Rainbow. A World War One on Canada's West Coast Timeline

    Hey! "Zion's King Shall Reign Victorious" is a great, rousing hymn! (Although, I do remember the reaction of our choir master's dad (Dutch, had fled during/immediately after WWII) to hearing us sing it.....) And we stole it from the Austro-Hungarians, not the Nazis.
  3. AHC: Keep A380 great

    I'm actually surprised hub and spoke declined as fast as it did. Sure, if you live in Boston, a Boston-Vienna thin route makes a nonstop flight instead of two stops (e.g. JFK and Schipol), but if you live in Syracuse, NY as I do, you have to fly to a hub to get anywhere. Thin routes are...
  4. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    If Britain holds Malaya and Burma, then Sumatra may well hold. (Weren't the troops used to take it the ones who took Malaya? If so, Japan's going to have to come up with new troops and transport. And this means even an attempt at sumatra will be rather later. )
  5. A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    I think most readers would disagree.
  6. More Multinational Currencies

    Currencies tend to fluctuate depending on the countries' economies. Look at the lead up to the Euro, where the UK was forced out of the EMS, and earlier, the 'snake in a tunnel' failed. Also the East African Shilling, and the attempted Caribbean monetary union. What's good for one country...
  7. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    Just don't leave us hanging, would be my request. If that means a superficial overview as an epilogue, so be it. But the second option does sound better if you can manage it. But. What works for you.
  8. Most excessive religious dietary restriction that could be widely followed?

    Interestingly, Jews historically didn't keep proper kosher.
  9. What's the earliest that daguerrotype, ambrotype or tintype photography could be invented?

    Getting some sort of image is possible early, perhaps. Although it would require silver nitrate, and the first experiments with that for photography weren't successful. Making the image permanent, however, is much harder. Seemingly it needs to wait for the discovery of sodium hyposulfite...
  10. Remember the Rainbow Redux: An Alternate Royal Canadian Navy

    Getting Canadians to spend money on our military is like pulling teeth. Although that's going to be less of a problem iTTL. Getting money to buy military stuff from abroad is even harder. And much of the money's going to be spent in Québec, to get the necessary votes. So.... Certainly...
  11. Remember the Rainbow Redux: An Alternate Royal Canadian Navy

    Yeah, even if the primary focus is a battleship and some heavy cruisers, say, you're still going to need destroyers as escorts, etc. So by WWII Canada would have shipyards and supply chain to build destroyers and not be forced into building corvettes, which iOTL was all we could realistically do.
  12. AHC: The Tesla, invented by Tesla

    None. Battery tech was simply not there then.
  13. How not to build a submarine. The Collins Class.

    Ex-PM Abbott suggests renting decommissioned previous gen nuke subs.
  14. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    My priest during grad school (~1980) had been in the British (or Indian?) Army, and he said the language they used was Hindustani - basically smearing the difference between Hindi and Urdu, which are often considered different registers of one language, not two languages. I also know that a kid...
  15. Look to the West Volume VIII: The Bear and the Basilisk

    And here I thought you meant the red face looked like he was suffering from a high fever