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  1. Could the German Empire "keep" africa if they win WWI?

    I don't think Namibia would be a problem. I think Germany would happily trade it for a more lucrative French colony.
  2. Was Nazi Germany sustainable?

    There's an interesting scene in the book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe where a prisoner tells a story. He's from a society where a version of newspeak has succeeded that has totally reshaped how language is used. People only speak in passages from approved texts and thus thoughtcrime is...
  3. Could Lithuania be kept Pagan?

    Lithuania stayed Pagan very late. In a situation where Lithuania unites the area that became Russian I could easily see it. The Kamlyks stayed Bhuddist after all.
  4. AHC: Transnistria becomes a true independent nation

    If they sieze the capital of Moldova the could probably dictate peace. So better performance in the war, or the commander of the Soviet forces siding with them could both work.
  5. What "Eccentric" states could exist today?

    IOTL Democratic Kampuchea came pretty close to this. They presented themselves to the world as a communist state but they often didn't bother to tell their citizens that. The answer to do many things was simply the state demands it. And they had slogans like "to keep you is no benefit to...
  6. Thought Experiment: How Would You Defend Against a US Invasion?

    Copy millenium challenge the US is reading all electronic communications and trying to pinpoint HQs don't let them. Paper communication via motorbike only going out. Abandon the ministries and military commands disperse everything into civilian apartments ect. in the cities. Try to take down a...
  7. AHC: Have the Germans win in the East but lose in the West

    I think thatthe US would have plenty of willtofight.Germany. Serious opposition never developed to WWII and lookat Britain in WWI.
  8. Surviving Western Roman Empire, What happens to Christianity beyond the Rhine ?

    The Saxons had to be forcefully converted IOTL. And Prussia and Lithuania held out for a while. Without the Holy Roman Empire, and Frankish kingdom it's highly possible these places don't convert.
  9. AHC: Haiti is a First-world country

    A country can develop quickly given the right circumstances. See IOTL Singapore and South Korea. If Haiti gets the right leadership it could develop even from a fairly late POD. But it would really take a timeline to flesh out. Perhaps it stays a monarchy providing more stability and in the...
  10. Would Germany had betrayed Italy in a Post-Axis Victory?

    The Germans would have plenty of oil from Azerbaijan. No need to antagonize Italy.
  11. Would Germany had betrayed Italy in a Post-Axis Victory?

    The Germans never had any desire to conquer any of the Italian territories except Croatia. And I don't think that will change plus invading Italy from Germany is hard. I could see Italy being a junior partner or even a Sino/Soviet type split later on but I don't see a German invasion happening.
  12. German victory in the East in 1943/1944-can the Western Allies still defeat Hitler?

    They absolutely can. Japan had most of it's Empire and an intact Army when it was defeated Germany can be the same. It might take a year or two more but it will happen. They allies will have literally the resources and population of the entire world vs Germany. I think the idea that the allies...
  13. WI: Leningrad and Moscow fall in 1941

    I think the steam trucks are an interesting idea. Perhaps Germany might be motivated to build them in the name of autarky? Or perhaps if Germany suffers a short fuel blockade in the 20s causing the Nazis to think more about the lack of oil as a weakness. I do wonder how much building all these...
  14. What if the Transcaucasian SSR was kept around?

    Probably everyone except Georgia the way NATO intervened against Serbia. Though I'm not sure Georgia would try to hold it all together in this case.