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    1. Eternity
      Hey there. Are you going to continue your 'Stars of Iron' TL? I was really enjoying it. If not, are you posting elsewhere?
    2. R. E. Lee
      I especially loved reading about the Crusaders in action. It's a vivid look at how a group that "are not a numerous people" could go toe-to-toe with galactic powers without getting too many of their few people killed! Real force-multipliers.
    3. R. E. Lee
      Checked Stars of Iron for the first time in six months, and noticed you'd been updating again. Read it again in one sitting. Thank you for continuing one of my favorite stories I had long assumed was dead.
    4. Andromedos
      I just finished you story “Snakepit”. Excellent and gripping writing, it kept me glued to the screen start to finish. Great job, looking forward to read “Stars of Iron”.
      1. Andromedos
        So, just finished Stars of Iron. Again a very enjoyable read. Loved the way you wrote the Samothracians and designed freedom Station. But sad to see the story discontinued without a clear conclusion...
        Nov 8, 2018
    5. Coley
      Thought your draka-stargate hybrid was excellent,would have loved to see result of Carter breaking free of gouald and what the samothracians evolved into,but alas,I'm sure you've other projects.
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