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  1. TL-191: Filling the Gaps

    Just wanted to drop in and say that I'm impressed this is still going. I haven't read the last - thirty, fifty...holy shit, seventy pages? - but appreciate everyone who's contributed and commented. Thanks for keeping it alive!
  2. Wallace Succeeds.

    It's not illegal in any state to ask your own pledged electors to vote for someone else. There are laws in 24 states against faithless electors, but that's an entirely different scenario.
  3. How long until slavery's natural death?

    Putting aside the Confederate constitutional issues - at least a generation, probably two. The best case scenario is a sea change in attitudes, Great Awakening style. Such things are possible - the positive good ideology didn't really take hold in the South until the early 19th century - but...
  4. Charles Evans Hughes in 1920?

    Coolidge would be the favorite of the rank and file to be sure, but the idea of geographic balance was still very strong in 1920; IRC, it's not until 1948 that we got a ticket from the same region. That would definitely give Lowden and even Lenroot a boost - although the latter is probably too...
  5. WI: Taft refuses to run again

    As it happens, I'm working on something with this very POD. I chose the death of Helen Taft in 1909, after the stroke that partially disabled her in real life. This creates a convenient depression for Taft, and a way for he and TR to reconcile.
  6. Seat of a devolved English assembly

    The most popular options all seem to be in the Midlands, actually.
  7. AHC: Improve Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection

    Fincher came to Alien 3 very late in production and had little input on the final story that was used, beyond re-staging a few scenes to take place in sets that had already been constructed. Fox refused permission to shoot certain scenes that he wanted, and didn't even allow him in the editing...
  8. Seat of a devolved English assembly

    Oh, sure. South Africa even has a role for Bloemfontein, if I remember correctly, and Amsterdam-Hague have had this relationship for quite a while.
  9. Seat of a devolved English assembly

    I was warming to the idea of a dual capital suggested earlier - the cabinet/executive and legislature in an historical area like York or Winchester or Canterbury, while the bureaucracy resides in a better equipped city like Manchester, Leeds, or Birmingham. But Tamworth could also play the...
  10. Seat of a devolved English assembly

    That was my concern as well - those three (and Bristol) seem like obvious choices due to infrastructure and prominence, but none of them would want the other to have it. Maybe a medium sized city of less prominence but good transportation links, like Coventry? That's less likely to arouse the...
  11. ST WI: Gene Roddenberry lives longer

    Star Trek would be much worse, as most of what we remember positively about the franchise during his lifetime should be credited to other people.
  12. Seat of a devolved English assembly

    If the UK were to create a devolved Parliament for England (either at some point in the second half of the 20th century or in the future) along the lines of the Scottish Parliament at Edinburgh, where would it meet? Some possibilities: 1. London - An obvious choice, as it's the cultural...
  13. "How Few Remain" TV Miniseries in the Works

    Probably not.
  14. "How Few Remain" TV Miniseries in the Works

    Worse, the back cover of my paperback copy of AF made it look like the presidents were major characters. Good idea, along with a few of the more important characters who died along the way, for dramatic impact.
  15. "How Few Remain" TV Miniseries in the Works

    Plus Lincoln, Custer, TR, and Mark Twain are a bigger draw than Coffee Shop Girl and Zinc Oxide. In fact if they ever get that far, I hope they drop some of the least interesting GW storylines in favor of more top-level characters.