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  1. Cliche on a cliche : rule on/in germany in ww 1

    One place on the forum I never frequent!
  2. Impact on Great Britain during WW1 and WW2 if Canada part of USA

    In WW1 the Canadian Corps ended up being one of the best Corps in the British Imperial Army, and one that didn't have to be downsized when manpower levels affected the British & ANZACs. Some other buggers will end up at St. Julien / 2nd Ypres and Vimy Ridge. WW2 - by the end wasn't the RCN the...
  3. Cliche on a cliche : rule on/in germany in ww 1

    Because derailing a thread is regarded as breach of forum etiquette. Some folk get het up when we have pages on an originally related subject that gains a mind of its won. Sometimes it is interesting, but when it grinds down to a "Yes" "No" argument we'd rather it was canned, or at least taken...
  4. WI: Elisabeth II and his family die in 1947

    Thought the Royal Party travelled to & from South Africa on HMS Vanguard with internal transport by South African Railways. No planes?
  5. What if GB did a USA in WW1?

    Britain will find it hard to find allies anywhere. France & Russia will feel betrayed by British intimations of support that dispersed like early morning mist, especially if they end up with huge debts owed to London. No-one would trust the UK for some considerable time.
  6. Mackensen class battlecruisers in WW1

    I tend to agree with you. For a time the RN's heavy scouting force, the Battlecruiser Fleet, will be outclassed by the appearance of one or more Mackensens. This will last until the first of the Admiral class is available - whether any more follow would depend upon how good British intelligence...
  7. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    "While all this [the first attacks lasting around an hour that crippled Prince of Wales] had been going on, Tennant waited in vain for any kind of instructions from the flagship. During a brief lull, he also had a chance to think about air cover - or more accurately the lack of it. He called the...
  8. What are some cliches in a Central Powers victory TL?

    Germany was a nation unified by force - I daresay the Hannoverians & Saxons in particular were not happy with the way Prussia created the German Empire - less than 50 years ago. So not as much historical unity as with the French or the British. Would also point out that OTL the Germans enforced...
  9. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    Or perhaps Udet has ordered the Ju-52 be fitted with dive brakes...
  10. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    IIRC the transports at Kota Bharu had already been unloaded and, following sighting reports, were carefully routed on Ozawa's orders north into the Gulf of Siam to be well out of the way, as they would be needed for the invasion of Borneo, so Force Z would have had no effect to the landings that...
  11. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    The RN would give the RM the fuel to move to Venice or Trieste. As much use there as sitting on the bottom at Taranto.
  12. Dunkirk Disaster causes Japan to attack Britain in December 1940

    Troll who posts the same idea in different clothes, then refuses to engage in any meaningful discussion.
  13. Germany builds another battleship instead of Graf Zeppelin

    So is a third Bismarck a butterfly that will avoid cancelling Lion & Temeraire?
  14. No Kriegsmarine cruisers or modern destroyers

    It could explain Britain's participation in the Zombie... I mean, Phoney War
  15. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    No, no, no.... A Tiger II in lederhosen.... 😱