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  1. Alternate History Combat Aircraft

    Thanks for the link and I would definitely like to check out that book. :cool:
  2. Alternate History Combat Aircraft

    Interesting. I've always thought the Japanese could've made V-I's. Going to try some more Japanese ram and pulsejet powered alternate aircraft designs in the not too distant future.
  3. Alternate History Combat Aircraft

    Right, I knew that, just a brain fart. :happyblush
  4. Alternate History Combat Aircraft

    Yokosuka A-100 Japanese license built version of Germanys Arado Ar-234. The Yokosuka A-100 had some major modifications of the original design such as being a two seater aircraft and having an enclosed nose with two 20mm cannons, folding wings and an arrestor hook for carrier duty but the...
  5. Alternate History Combat Aircraft

    The Germans might've been able to come up with something better but for Japan, yeah I think the Arado would be there best bet.
  6. Alternate History Combat Aircraft

    The Arado is the best Axis delivery system for the Ohka. Consider this an IJAA 1946 weapon project.
  7. Alternate History Combat Aircraft

  8. War makes for Strange Bedfellows – A Second World War timeline

    Love this Tl’s twists and turns. Goring in an alliance with Stalin, talk about strange bedfellows! Can’t wait to what happens next.
  9. Sixes and Snake eyes Rommel's luck in an alternate 1942 desert war

    Good to see this back.
  10. Your automobile 'Retro' releases

    Well I didn't say which Messerschmitt now did I? ;)
  11. Your automobile 'Retro' releases

    I would love to own a Messerschmitt. And one of those funny little cars they made post-war too.
  12. Alternative History Armoured Fighting Vehicles Part 3

    What if the 152 mm XM150E5 the gun intended for the MBT-70 had been tried on the Sheridan? Would it have fit, could the turret have handled the recoil?
  13. .

    Very nice John and Julian writing a tune together, just lovely. :cool: Can't wait for the next update.