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  1. A House of Lamps: A Moorish America

    Great ending to a really cool timeline. Thanks for writing it. One question... what's up with Slovenia/Austria? I'd love to hear a bit about how that happened and what that country is like.
  2. The Tiger of Samarkand

    Sounds interesting, subscribed
  3. A House of Lamps: A Moorish America

    This is great. Where can I read about that tiny Valoisian enclave on the east coast of Spain?
  4. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    Just got caught up with this TL. Very dark, I like it a lot! Great work
  5. The Long Twentieth Century : a Franz Ferdinand Lives TL

    Here's hoping for a Bulgarian-Serbian Yugoslavia at the end of this!
  6. A House of Lamps: A Moorish America

    This was such a great TL
  7. La Vallette loses Malta to Islam

    The fall of Malta might make the entire Italian peninsula seem a lot more threatened. Venice is in an even worse position here.
  8. DBWI: Linguistic rather than Religious Division of Hispania

    An al-Andalus divided along linguistic lines would be a mess. To say nothing of the various Christian tribes in the north (Where do the Eskudi even come from?), the provinces of Dar al Islam are also quite linguistically diverse. How could you separate the Berber shepherds of the Tulaytulah...
  9. Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread

    Here's a cool article I found today: 1917: How Germany Hopes To Redraw the Map of Europe It includes a pretty detailed description of Germany's aims: Courland and Lithunia will be annexed from Russia. As regards Poland, it is possible that we should negotiate with Russia. “In the Balkans...
  10. Land of Sweetness: A Pre-Columbian Timeline

    as unlikely as a transatlantic crossing is, I doubt this is the last we've heard of them
  11. Land of Sweetness: A Pre-Columbian Timeline

    You didn't! Can't wait to see where these people end up...
  12. WI Caucasians crossed the Bering Land Bridge

    It's certainly pure speculation, and I don't mean to imply that religious beliefs are connected to genetics like that. More just the idea that many ancient European mythologies grew out of a indoeuropean mythological substrate, and perhaps the American native beliefs would share this substrate...
  13. WI Caucasians crossed the Bering Land Bridge

    This POD is still interesting even if you ignore the racial aspect, which is fraught to say the least. Religious and cultural aspects can still be really interesting to theorize about. For instance, there is the idea of the Proto-indo-european religion. Even if this is still 5000 years from...
  14. Land of Sweetness: A Pre-Columbian Timeline

    I'm as eager as anyone to see what happens when the Europeans arrive, but developing the writing system promises to be something totally unique. I'd like to see it.