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  1. wi; 1936 us smg trials

    Are you sure? I thought it was 1-2 per vehicle? OK general points. 1. You're stuck with .45ACP; despite the superiority of 9mm cartridges for sub-machine guns the US won't alter this. You might manage a 'hot' SMG loaded cartridge, perhaps with a more aerodynamic bullet. 2. Magazines will...
  2. What if Operation Unthinkable happened?

    Yes, pretty much. The USSR was, as you say a huge country, with huge borders and air defenses not optimised for high altitude bomber interception. Initially I'd expect nuclear weapons to be used as was planned for Downfall; tactically and operationally in conjunction with conventional and...
  3. What if Operation Unthinkable happened?

    Hundreds. At least. Fisfteen or so by the end of 1945. More if the second MK1 is scrapped and the HEU used for implosion bombs. Even more in 1946, probably fifty at a minimum. 80-100 is possible. More advanced MK3 MODs are developed, with better electronics, lens assemblies and higher yield...
  4. Would a quick CP Victory solve anything?

    "A broken down drug-addicted ex-pilot, a failed chicken farmer, an unsuccessful snob of a champagne salesman with a fake title and a ratty little lecher embittered by a club foot. A gang of total deadbeats, led by a paranoid failed art student."
  5. How Avoidable was WWI?

    Exactly. Stop the alliance systems, or have saner heads prevail.
  6. How Avoidable was WWI?

    Indeed. The revolutionary fervour within Russia as late as 1914 seems to be grossly underestimated. And a repeat of 1905 wouldn't end with the revolutionaries being fobbed off with Tsarist promises, Well a 'readjustment' within the Ottoman territories was probably inevitable, though it could...
  7. AHC: Keep the whole of Ireland as part of the United Kingdom

    Hmm, interesting. Having deValera executed is a fairly trivial alteration, for example have him held with the other leaders and tried quickly. I doubt the British would reprieve Connolly, he was far too involved with Republicanism.
  8. AHC: Keep the whole of Ireland as part of the United Kingdom

    True. However to avoid deValera in a senior position you'd need to kill or incapacitate him. OK, that's probably an overall improvement for Ireland anyway... Settle the matter peacefully before the Great War erupts. 1919 is too late. Basically after the conscription crisis and the 'German Plot'...
  9. AHC: Keep the whole of Ireland as part of the United Kingdom

    Why? He was the senior surviving leader, in fact historically he was senior to Collins. OK, he was a terrible leader but he'd have the followers.
  10. AHC: Keep the whole of Ireland as part of the United Kingdom

    :biggrin: Indeed. Far more rational, realistic and charismatic as a leader and less of a religious bigot. Agreed. However he was perceived as the leader. You'd need to remove him somehow. In fact I personally think it a truism that any ATL Ireland is improved by the earliest possible removal...
  11. Panic Submachinegun 1938

    True, sometimes with a Thompson foregrip. TBH that didn't take much, I've seen it done with a Swiss army knife. In fact worn sears were prone to unselective fire on their own.
  12. Panic Submachinegun 1938

    And yet many reliable sources, such as Phil SHarpe's writings based on factory records, state this.
  13. Panic Submachinegun 1938

    Which in no-way alters the general uselessness of such machine pistols; there's a reason for the failure of the Stechkin, VP-70, Glock 18, M-93R st cetera. Try building a carbine type SMG; the Owen is probably the best WW2 design (though an offset magazine and skeletal stock would be...
  14. Panic Submachinegun 1938

    There were selective fire High Powers manufactured, in small numbers. Like most such devices they were terrible weapons; inaccurate, uncontrollable and ineffective.