Sup, my names Blasta!

I'm from England and as tired of the current political situation as everyone else.

I enjoy singing, drama and subcumming to temptation and buying Minecraft again. I have two cats, both are arseholes. I also apparently have a Fox, which keeps stealing the aforementioned cats' food. I do not have a pet Spinosaurus, though am interested in buying one. I also do not have a Halo Ring, though I do have a Death Star.

I mainly stick to the ASOIAF section of this site though I have a soft spot for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, the MCU, Warhammer and LOTR. And Tomb Raider apparently.

My current stories are:
  • The Cat from Kanto (Legendary Pokemon ISOT'd to ASOIAF) (Nearing Completion!)
  • Stag, Dog and Wolf (Harry Potter AU) (In Progress)
  • The Story of Hyrule (Legend of Zelda History) (On hiatus, will hopefully be restarted in the new year)
My other stories are:
  • A High Fantasy Planetos (Abandoned, may eventually be rewritten)
  • The Legend of Larra Stark (ASOIAF/Tomb Raider) (On indefinete hiatus, requires rewrites)
I have also contributed to the collaborative timeline 'World of the Sundering' (see it here) and have written a lot of stuff for the various Miscellaneous ASOIAF Threads.

I have also written a lot for the 'Robert Reacts' Thread on Spacebattles Forum here.

Much of my stuff is also cross-posted onto Archive of our Own, you can see my account here. My oneshots are collected together over there for easier reading. Also on, here. I'm also now on Spacebattles here.

Note: I tend to swear a fair amount of the time in whatever stories I'm writing so apologies in advance.


There were no Survivors.

Aug 6, 1997 (Age: 22)
Cat sat on Stomach, England
Student/Fanfiction Writer/Tomb Raider