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    1. Alienspacebats
      Hey, should I join the Cooperative Union or make my own party?
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      2. black_0
        Sorry, I must have missed him. In that case, I can say that he would fit in CU since it encompasses most of left-wing that is moderate on the whole Human-Cyborg-Psionic debate. He would be on the left side of the party due to his economic beliefs but he should still fit in.
        Sep 9, 2017
      3. Alienspacebats
        Kay, My character is bit an expansionist that part that might rub some-people wrong... that I all thinking of that really it.

        Although their have been Left-wing Hawk before
        Sep 9, 2017
      4. black_0
        Expansion is controversial only due to a fact that it cost resources that could be used to improve the already colonized worlds. But it may potentially result in more resources in the future.
        Sep 9, 2017
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