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  • fool

  • I must say that into the heart of darkness is one of the best fic iv read may I suggest you posting it on spacebattles and to get a wider viewership still I love it and hope it updates soon and often
    Billy the Bear 2
    Thanks man, glad you like it! Updates tend to be somewhat slow I'm afraid. All depends on what work, and life, throws at me though, there are periods when I have more time to write after all, and that tends to speed things up.

    I will definitely consider spacebattles, never really thought about it before but I might as well post it there also.
    hows it going is the fic dead
  • Arnumart

  • I am glad you are getting back to your Space Batman SI and congrats on Sweden beating Mexico.
    Billy the Bear 1
    Thanks man! Sweden winning the group, and Germany eliminated feels almost a bit asb though.
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