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  1. Ronald Reagan's wishlist?

    I’m sure there would have been domestic opposition. Reagan did encounter GOP opposition to the INF treat, IIRC and depended on the DNC to get it passed. So, if he had tried to pass a total disarmament treaty it would have faced opposition in Congress. That now does make me think I was wrong in...
  2. Ronald Reagan's wishlist?

    He and Gorbachev discussed a phased elimination of both side's nuclear weapons. It foundered on the issue of SDI, but Regan was committed to the elimination of nuclear weapons. Predictably, the European NATO members hit the roof when they found out, so perhaps it still wouldn't have happened.
  3. Ronald Reagan's wishlist?

    Nuclear disarmament.
  4. DBWI: President Reagan Hadn't Resigned after the Iran-Contra affair?

    Well, we might have had a major arms reduction treaty. Reagan had a lot of chemistry with Gorbachev, which neither Bush, or Dukakis had. The Cold War might also have ended well before it did and in a less bloody way. I also wonder how Bush would have handled Iraq’s invasion and annexation of...
  5. Protect & Survive Miami: End of Watch

    Munich survived because the weapon targeted on it failed to function.
  6. HMS Belfast vs ARA General Belgrano.

    Why would you think it wasn’t? 😀
  7. Proxima: A Human Exploration of Mars

    “Would you like some toast?”
  8. Proxima: A Human Exploration of Mars

    “Open the pod bay door, HAL.” ”I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t do that.”
  9. What if the Manhattan Project had started earlier?

    It was studied as a potential alternative. There is even some evidence that a small unit trained for the task. Lancasters could have been used in a sacrificial role if there was enough urgency to the situation.
  10. What if the Manhattan Project had started earlier?

    Skipping over the technical discussion, an earlier available bomb is going to be bad for Germany. If the B-29 isn’t available, the Lancaster would be a viable delivery platform, having been studied for the job. Depending on when the first weapons are available, there may be no D-Day. What’s...
  11. UK 1986 Bennite/ Foot labour government defies monarchy.

    ‘Minority thugs’, that’s a phrase that’s getting very close to something nasty.
  12. WI: Felix Steiner carried out Hitler's order and counter-attacked the Russians in Berlin?

    I suspect that the Red Army wouldn’t even notice that there had been a counter-attack.
  13. Biggest urban battles that never happened

    Hamburg, Hanover, Kiel, Munich etc. Basically, any West German city, depending on how far west NATO allows the Warsaw Pact to get before nukes fly. Being a little different, we could add some East German cities, or Czech ones, like Leipzig, or Cheb.
  14. WI: Earlier introduction of B-47, effects on Korean Air Campaign?

    It would be kept on nuclear alert. Like the B-36 force.
  15. Drake's Drum

    Yes, but you’ll need to read the book. 😉