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  • Komnenos002


  • I could have sworn you formerly had a mostly narrative story about Gengis Khan becoming a soldier in the Byzantine army - am I misremembering this?
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    I did. It was called 'A Khan in Constantinople'. I never finished it; it was a classic case of having a really good idea for the beginning of a story but then having no clue how to continue it.
  • pls don't ban me

    pls don't ban me

  • Hello fellow byzantine lover, i have a particular question for you. When did Lorenzo de medici died? i don't think there is anything about his sudden disappearance, or did i missed something?
  • Sublime Truth

    Sublime Truth

  • Hey there, I was reading your Age of Miracles thread, and I really like it, but your images are gone. And I'd just like to see what they were, do you still have them by chance?
  • Shador

  • The images in your "Age of miracles" timeline don't work anymore. Would it be possible for you to replace them or you don't have them anymore?
  • Komnenos89

  • hi i got question. since im a huge byzantine fan, your current military system you use for the byzantine empire looks pretty well for me. but unfortently im not a good english speaker so could you tell me in short words how exactly this system works since i didnt understand it at all?? would be nice

  • FelixMansbridge

  • Has anyone informed you that the images on the archived version of "Age of Miracles" have gone bust?
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