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  • Adm_Von_Abrams

  • Hi, just found out about your thread "Skies of Albion". Loved the first two chapter, will you consider continuing said thread?
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    Funny you should ask about that, I was thinking if this TL a couple of weeks ago. I actually have the next chapter about half finished.
  • suul'ken

  • Ato 31st millennium project is being restarted.
    Do you wish to join?
    If you do, contact Theg and He'll add you to the conversation.
  • Nerdman3000


  • How is that Valyrian name generator of yours coming along? I'd really love to try it out.
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    Well it's basically complete as seen in the post. I might add an additional section on creating Valyrian family names though.

    It is a generator in the sense you can use the tables and rules to generate a name yourself. I don't have the technical know how to make an actual app that automatically spits out random combinations of names.
    Nerdman3000 1
    Well, I'd still love to see it nonetheless.
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