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  1. How was Nazi occupation of France different to colonisation?

    What are your sources on this? Alsace-Lorraine is a bad example as it didn't become French till 1648 and the French didn't colonize it as German dialect remained and remains the spoken language! Or it was some very subtle form of colonization where the colonizers assumed the language of the...
  2. AHC: Likely Points/Names of Danish Colonization in Africa?

    Bimbia - by 1802 the Danish Governor on Guinea Coast Johan Wriesberg acquired the rights of the site. Plan was to run plantations but as in Ghana it was too little too late. Had the Danes been doing more than a mere trails plantation by 1788 in Ghana which didn't last even if the produce was...
  3. British Hanover at the Beginning of WW1

    This would so much change the timeline since 1837. The First Schleswig War 1848-50 would be different as the Hannover contingent wouldn't be part of the Confederation Corps so a substitute would be needed - if at all possible. Bismarck may go to London as ambassador instead of Paris! So a...
  4. Outline of an alternate WWII where France Fights On (FFO) from Algeria

    I really don't see why Italy wouldn't make their DOW to the Allies as OTL on 10. June 1940. As per our discussion earlier in the year I would still expect defeat in Northern France. If the French is able to seriously upset the German timetable it would be another matter.
  5. Outline of an alternate WWII where France Fights On (FFO) from Algeria

    Don't see a Vichy France in this though perhaps some collaborationist activity - somebody will always be wanting to make a buck. Without France surrendering the peoples of occupied Europe will be more inclined to start sabotage early on. Tying up more German troops/SS units in occupation duties...
  6. April 9th, 1940 - Germany goes Poland on Denmark?

    Government just didn't want to oppose occupation if that was indeed Hitlers intent.. Neutrality should be marked not defended! You need a much altered Denmark to get a staunch defensive plan drawn up by the General Staff and somebody willing to pay the cost to really matter.
  7. How do we know there wasn't an advanced civilization on earth 12,000 years ago?

    Quite so - perhaps the effect of those storeys collapsing over time?
  8. How do we know there wasn't an advanced civilization on earth 12,000 years ago? anyone lift an eyebrow.. also contain links to the original articles - I'm not saying advanced civ, but then eight storey buildings and sewers
  9. WI the personal union between the UK and the Kingdom of Hanover survived past 1837?

    If by 1848 Hannover is still party to the British Crown will it allow Prussia or even the Confederation to interfere in Schleswig-Holstein-Lauenburg? That may set an unpleasant precedent!
  10. I AM NOT MAD [A Radical Enlightened Denmark-Norway]

    Leifsbodir - Leifstad - Leifshavn -?
  11. The Bundesgrenzschutz (1951 - 2005)

    Not just in Germany also in Denmark though maybe not as long - can't remember.
  12. Japan heads north 1937, impact on Europe

    With war in Far East the Soviets will turn the tap on aiding the Spanish Republic; early Franco victory. Austria may still get acquired by the Berlin Madman by March 1938 but how about the Czech Crisis? Without Soviet proposals of aiding the Czechs militarily the appeasement powers may cave in...
  13. I AM NOT MAD [A Radical Enlightened Denmark-Norway]

    There may be some areas of possible Danish defensive action in Jutland; not the Peninsular but in Vendsyssel-Thy where the ford across the Limfiord is at Aggersborg. Also the 1848-50 campaign of moving forces into flanking positions like Djusland or Sundeved as well as the Wadden See isles will...
  14. I AM NOT MAD [A Radical Enlightened Denmark-Norway]

    Great minds and all that! ;)
  15. I AM NOT MAD [A Radical Enlightened Denmark-Norway]

    As you wrote the Danish-Norwegian Navy got enlarged to 40 ships of the line and 20 frigates earlier this makes this OTL protest invalid as the D-N Navy would lease 12 SoL and some 6 frigates? to the British; mobilize another 12 SoL and 6 frigates for home duty; keep 12 SoL and 6 frigates in...