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  • Archy_84


  • I’ve just finished a two day binge of The Winds of Change, it was an excellent read from start to the unfortunate early finish!

    Have you any plans on taking WWII to its conclusion?

    Thanks again and I hope the job & health front have improved since your last entry.
  • Salvare7097


  • Hey pocket, have you considered writing a sequel to your HMS Anson soldiers on timeline? That was really well done and I enjoyed it. :)
    The problem is choosing a conflict that I can insert a Battleship into. Mind you a Battleship makes a statement.
    The UK was a part of desert storm. There’s also Lebanon.
  • jonnic123

  • Hi pug, I just wanted to say thanks for some great writing of yours. The winds of change tl has had me hooked. The writing was great and the battle scenes were gripping. I know that it is dead but I wanted you to know how much entertainment and education your hard work gave me and for that I wanted to thank you. I hope real life has worked out in your favour as well .
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