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  • FriendlyGhost


  • Just read your '£6.99 for Victory' story in the Finished Timelines forum. Very good. It's a long time since I studied the battle of Crete, so I can't speak to the details, but any comments would just be window dressing anyway. Thanks for posting it.
  • amirtaheri

  • Will you be restarting updates for the Ship Shape timeline at sometime this year? It used to be the highlight of my week!
  • Durabys


  • Hello. Is there a place where the entire updated story Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion is uploaded? Thanks.
    No there isn't, I'm afraid.
    And the Read-Only thread won't get updated?
  • Addlcove


  • Would it not be easiere to threadmark the original "ship shape" thread than posting a story only one? or will it need to be unlocked for that to happen?
  • Scorpius72

  • I've just finished reading "Vian's the Man" and i'm wondering you're ever going to finish it or if it's abandoned? I hope you do finish it because was quite good.
  • Scorpius72

  • When will you be updating your Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion story only thread, Allan, as it has been over a year since the last update?
  • tf330129

  • Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion. Just wondering if you are going to create a story only thread? Also have you thought about adding an index to make the story easier to read. This is a great story thank you for responding
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