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  1. A successful Madagascar in the 21st Century.

    Maybe avoid the Malagasy uprising of 1947? The french arrested and massacred thousands including most of the local politicians, and then just left a few years later. Avoid the uprising and Madagascar will have local competent leaders from the start, which will be a great help for its development.
  2. If the Nazis knew about the A-bomb project, how would they react?

    Would the Nazis really care about it? The Atom bomb can destroy a city, but Dresden was destroyed all the same without it. They already refused to give up the skies (unlike the Japanese who just decided that one plane wasn't worth the fuel to shot it down), and apart of maybe more AA batteries...
  3. AHC: Overthrow the Japanese monarchy

    Most of what we think as Japanese culture was created during the Meji period, so if you avoid it you avoid alot of the things that keep the monarchy today. You won't have shinto as we know it today, you won't have the emperor cult, you won't have militarism and nationalism to the same extent...
  4. Looking for Swiss data

    Hey everyone, I am working on a study about the effect of women suffrage on swiss politics, and I need some help with finding data. I need to find data about swiss cantons budget. Where can I find each canton's budget from the last 50 years? Thanks you all in advance 🙏
  5. The Glowing Dream: A history of Socialist America

    With the rise pf the right and antisemitic regimes in the west, I can actually see most of the immigration (inside europe) head to Germany and to lesser extent to Austria, with the same result..
  6. The Glowing Dream: A history of Socialist America

    Well the second Aliya just got a major boost. OTL more then a million jews left Russia , most of them to the US but tens of thousands went to ottoman Palestine. With a worse 1905 crackdown and a much less welcoming US I think you might see alot more go to Palestine (but most will go to Canada...
  7. Frankfurt proposals accepted, impact on German nationalism

    You might see the German states cling closer to Austria for protection, and you get a reborn holy roman empire. France will try to stop them, but the rest of Europe will see it as a necessary counter weight to greater France.
  8. Skagerrak is too narrow to accommodate two enemies-A socialist Denmark in cold war

    Maybe you have communist Denmark retain the monarchy? But more likely is a natural or finlandised Denmark.
  9. WI: China Divided along the Pearl River

    If the Communists took all the rest I see no reason why would they stop there, when all of mainland china is in their grasp. There is no way for the ROC to stop them at that point.
  10. WI: France gets all of Hispaniola

    Probably San Dominique or something like that, similar to the former name of the Dominican Republic.
  11. During the Colonial Era, which non-European nation would be most likely to set up a New World colony?

    The Pacific is *much* larger then the Atlantic, so an asian colonisation is not very likely, except for Alaska, but they can simply go to Siberia instead. Its probably easier to go from Japan to Europe then from Japan to Chile. What I can see is some African colonisation, like Morrocan or Mali...
  12. How does the situation in Israel/Palestine play out with no WW2/Holocaust?

    Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Lithuania were all very antisemitic, and Hungary wasn't a fun place either. Zionism was on the rise all across Europe, so you have a much greater pool of settlers. 10% of seven million is still greater then 90% of 600,000....
  13. How does the situation in Israel/Palestine play out with no WW2/Holocaust?

    Because Europe was not a good place to live in, even before the war. Every country east of France was an anti-Semitic dictatorship, and even France wasn't that good in that regard.. Without the war you don't have anti-Semitism discredited and Jews will want to move to a country of their own.
  14. WI: Syria and Lebanon never separated?

    It would be called Syria, as that was the most prestigious name.
  15. WI: Yugoslav Trieste

    No one will let Italy to take back Trieste. If you let it happen, then whats next? Germany will push for Silesia? Poland will push for Levov? It will cause too many problems, so Italy will just have to forget anout it.