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  • Dragonic10=


  • may you please update the prince no one wanted and if not may you put summarize ending and sorry if this is rude
  • MegaMindAuthor

  • You have done an injustice to mankind. I have stumbled upon three of your one shots, mostly crossovers. And in all of them I've been enamored. After reading I'm left wanting more. I'm left hungry and unfortunately they are one-shots. I beg you in all that is holy. Turn your one shots into books or short stories. I beg!!! *cries overly dramatic*
  • CaekDaemon


  • I could do with a title for your klingon story for the index, but for now, I'll just put TOS Klingons meet Stannis :)
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    I’d go with a somewhat wordy title based on the name of the TOS episode: “A Private Little War of the Five Kings”
  • dddddd

  • I just read your post in the A House of Thrones thread, Francis!Robert. You managed the capture the character really well, and use it for some great intrigue. Do you ever consider writing more?
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